Do. Not. Turn. Around.

Cut out all negative people in your life. Forget about them. If they aren’t making you happy, just cut them out. It’s valid, you don’t have to explain yourself. Just forget about them….right? 

In today’s world, it’s so difficult to just cut people out of your life. Can you actually just cut people out of your life? Kind of…maybe? Well. Let’s talk about it. Just fyi though. this is from the perspective of me, a 16 year old melodramatic girl in high school, so y’know. Fair warning.

You can’t really just cut ties with someone so easily. In high school, it seems like everyone is connected. Oh that popular girl you hate? She’s on your best friend’s sports team. That reaaaaaally cute boy that you’ll never date? Oh yeah he’s best friends with the president of that club you wanted to join. It really does seem like everyone in school is connected to each other, and at my school at least, they are.

So when you have ill relations with someone, it literally is an everyday conscious effort to ignore them. So how do you ignore them? How do you build a wall solid enough to keep small comments and pesky rumors from getting to you? The answer: you don’t.

I came to this revelation a months ago talking to a friend. If you try to avoid all those negative comments and pretend you didn’t hear them, they’ll sit outside your castle wall magnifying themselves, metastasizing into some nasty comments that’ll pick away at your sanity. So what you do is accept them, accept that people literally don’t know anything about you, that those comments are made out of ignorance, bias, and hate. Accept that not everyone can love you, because then there’d be no competition, and realize these comments are small efforts to do nothing but unhinge you. Don’t ignore them, but also don’t accept them. Just look at it and realize these comments do not define who you are.

No one can judge your character. No one can deprive you of anything unless you let them. I swear I hate hearing this because it’s so damn difficult to not let things get to you. But honestly, it is so true. You can’t let people’s opinions get to you. They’re opinions, not fact. Remember that. If you let people’s opinions get to you, you’ll let them change who you are. Don’t do that. Don’t change yourself to fit someone else. You might make everyone around you happy, but you’ll come home to silence that you can’t bare because you won’t be happy. Be yourself and I swear someday you’ll realize being yourself brought you closer to happiness than anything else.




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