Monster “Java” as a Coffee Creamer?!?

My lovely friend “Dale” has gone forth with the decision to suffer through engineering school and has taught me a few “tips & tricks” to handling copious amounts of work…like the new world of energy drinks.I have never, ever, ever had an energy drink before yesterday. Okay wait no that was a total lie. I’ve always sipped and tasted them whenever my friends had them, but I had never bought one for myself, let alone down it in a gulp or two. Boy, let me tell you, it did me nothing. Then I remembered that one of my wonderful friends, Dale would make a concoction of an coffee with Monster Java as a coffee creamer. He is a solid 6’4, 18 years old, and just giant. So me, a petite-r little 16 year old, decided this was a great idea to power through a night of work. I mixed together sweetened condensed milk, thrice filtered coffee, sugar, and Monster Java to create this potent and almost nightmarish drink.

This had not only the effect of keeping me up with tons of complex sugars (is that what it’s called? The ones that spike your energy and send you crashing?) and caffeine, but also got my heart racing. Literally. I have never felt so alive…so invigorated…so, well, close to death. My hands were trembling and I started drinking the coffee-Java-mix just because it was right in front of me, rather than for energy. I totally overdid it. It was so worth it though. I went from 10pm to about 1pm…then I crashed in history and took a nap as my teacher played some documentary (oops). Hahaha, oh goodness.

I just thought I’d share that. In case y’all ever need to pull an allnighter for anything, remember this concoction of insomnia. It has gotten me through one of many nights and Dale through many nights of engineering school. (Which is probably the equivalent to mental slavery. It shouldn’t be legal, but hey, if you love math and physics, you go do your thing and be happy.)

Also during all nighters, don’t forget to get up and walk around every hour or 2. It helps your feet not fall asleep and definitely keeps you up and alert. Or be on the phone with a friend all night as you do work together. Nina and I always do that. We don’t even talk, we just keep the phone on in case one of us gets tired, so the other can motivate. It’s cool to have a study buddy without the physical distraction of a study buddy, yknow?



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