Running for Class Presidency

Just my thoughts on this is all…The past 2 years, I’ve run for Class President. Freshman year I lost to a fellow candidate and sophomore year, I somehow managed a win. It’s honestly one of the most nervewracking and stressful things to run. Not because it’s a lot of work to set up a campaign, but because winning/losing is just so stressful. Waiting for the announcement in school to decide is like waiting for the doctor to give you a shot. Stings at first, but no matter what, you get over it.

Freshman year was the first time I had to really campaign for something. We had elections in middle school but let’s be real, those were hardly legitimate. I didn’t campaign much freshman year and was simply lesser known compared to the other candidates. Though I made primary, I probably should have gotten my name out more if I really wanted to win. I took the loss surprisingly well. It really wasn’t that bad, just kind of, okay that’s one less thing to worry about. So it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t end up going to my freshman dance since I didn’t feel well, but the president at the time did the job better than I could have, I think.

Sophomore year was the definition of campaigning. I flagged the whole school with posters and flyers. I even handed out candy to people during lunch to introduce myself. When I came to the other candidate’s tables with their friends, I introduced myself and just let them know they can vote for whomever, it’s all good. I didn’t expect them to vote for me because after all, their good friend was running against me. But I also couldn’t not hand them candy too if I was going around the whole cafeteria. It was a fair thing right? Apparently it was bribery. I don’t know, a math teacher came up to me and said she heard I was bribing the class for votes (jokingly of course). It was a weird thing. Anyways, I won that year. It was really nice and cool getting to organize the dance. Truth be told though, I gotta give it to the Class Rep at the time. That person literally was the creative mind behind the Great Gatsby themed dance. The officers obviously all gave their input and all did work, but the Class Rep kind of just hit it home. Organizing proved to be more challenging than I thought. I’m not great friends with everyone so I felt uncomfortable “commanding” them to do this or that with the decor and awkward when they did it to my/other’s disliking.

I must admit, if there’s one thing I lack most as president, it’s taking change of everything. There’s always some power-struggle. You don’t want to be mean, but you also can’t be a pushover, yknow? Though as Class President, you don’t have more power than the Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or Class Rep. During the officers meeting, it’s all fair game. Or at least that’s how I felt.

Anyways, I decided that I was going to run this year. I was really iffy about running since this year has been so stressful already. Maybe this will be good for me. I honestly made so many mistakes and could have been such a better president than I was. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to redeem myself this year. If I lose though, honestly, this is probably the first time I’ve ever felt that losing is absolutely 100% okay. Not because I’ve already accepted defeat but because I heard some negative feedback from last year. It’s not like I’m backing down because of “haters” (as one friend puts it), but because as Class President, you are a representative of a leader of your class. That’s why they vote. They want whoever will give them the best dances, the best events, and the most responsive leaders. So as a president, when I hear that more than a few people weren’t happy with the dance, I realize I’ve messed up. Ultimately, you can’t please everyone. But you do have to try. So that has discouraged me from wanting to run…but I realize I won’t ever be able to atone for my mistakes if I don’t run.

I honestly have no idea how elections will end up. This is going to a whirlwind of a year I think. I really do hope the other candidates do well too. Everyone deserves a chance to be a leader at least once, y’know? Best of luck then.



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