Review: Victoria’s Secret’s Mega Make Up Kit

Just a quick make up review on the Victoria’s Secret Mega Make Up kit. This kit typically comes and goes at VS from what I know. Its retail price is $50 which is totally great for the amount of products you’re getting. It has 64 eye shadows, 16 lip pots, 1 high light, 2 contour, and 3 blushes. It also comes with 2 duel ended eyeshadow applicators, a mini lip brush, and a blush brush that fit nicely in the kit. The kit folds up neatly into a small box. The top eyeshadows pull apart (like shown below) and the lip/cheek tiers slide out. There’s also a mirror and a magnetic close. Now onto the review!
So I love the colors of this palette. It’s sold mainly around winter time from what I notice so the colors are on the frostier side. Most of the eyeshadows are quite shimmery. The color range is great. There’s light yellows, whites, and pinks for highlight/accent colors, natural taupe colors, earthy tones, copper colors, and even blues, purples, and greys. The only color I wish it had was a matte white, but there is a range of very light/almost-white purple, blue, silver, yellow, and pink shadows. The pigmentation is a 8/10 I would say. I found the more shimmery the shadows, the more pigmented it was; but there was no consistent trend. The blues/greens aren’t very pigmented at all, so if you want to use those, either use a flat shader brush or spray your brush before applying so the color shows. I also found applying this with your fingers works waaaaaay better than applying it with a brush.

The colors of the lip pots range from gloss, lipstick, to stain. They don’t last very long but go really nicely over another lipstick. I apply this with a flat brush. When I first got the kit, it seemed the lip pots were dried out, but if you swirl your brush around; it’s all fine. The pigmentation again depends on the colour…but I would say 6/10? The dark magenta/purple in the 4th row, 3rd column is really nice on more mauve colored lips. They’re also super moisturizing and creamy.

The blushes/contour/highlight are ehh….honestly speaking, I really love the highlight and contour, but the blush just seems too barbie pink for me. Maybe someone with a deep olive or paler complexion can pull it off, but it just looks like a clown on me. The bronzers are really nice. One is shimmery and the other is matte. Both work really well on my olive-y/deep-er skin tone. I find a little goes a long way with this one. The highlight though. Gawd. I wish VS sold just this highlight alone. It makes your cheekbones glimmer in the light and the sun reflects off of it so nicely. Your face can be the galaxy with that I swear.

The design of the product would be a 5/10. I honestly don’t really like it. I was fascinated at first, but it’s made of plastic, so it breaks really easily. I took mine on a trip to North Carolina and it got jumbled around in the plane and broke. The blush/lip part doesn’t slide anymore so it awkwardly is always open. The magnetic top with a mirror doesn’t have anything protecting it from the shadows, so it’s practically useless since every time you open it, it’s smeared with my crease color. It’s a cool and clever way to pack all that product into such a small container, but I swear, it’s so easy to break. VS, fix this.

Overall, I give this palette a 7/10. I love the colors, textures, and how it’s a great everyday palette. But seriously for $50, it is made of plastic that feels cheap and tacky. It could be a 9 if that wasn’t a problem.



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