Running for Class Presidency: updated + comments

Some more thoughts came up today as I left a meeting with all the candidates today. Just some thoughts…

So today in school, I went to a mandatory meeting for all the candidates running for office. I honestly was so shocked to see so many people running for office this year. It’s really cool though. There are 3 (I think) other candidates running for the same position as me and I think it’s so cool. All these people want to step up to the plate and take leadership. I mean, everyone that’s running wants to step up and take leadership. It’s just so cool. So I was kind of really happy there’s so many people running. Which is weird…because yknow, competition.

I still don’t understand why the title of President is so coveted. Don’t get me wrong, like ooh look shiny, because after all president. But you don’t address yourself as president, you’re not on the same level as Obama at all, popularity doesn’t immensely sore, and you don’t have more power than the other officers. It’s literally vote for 5 people who will as one, “rule” over the class for the year. Rule sounds kind of dictatorship-ish…but yall understand my point. Don’t get me wrong though, I like the title too. I can’t do much with it besides be labeled as president when we make newspapers, but it’s still an honour ya feeeeell?

Seeing the other candidates for President today. Woo. Honestly, I’m worried. Who wouldn’t be? They’re all extremely good candidates and I can see all of them doing a way better job than me when it comes to certain things. But I think I have some good qualities too. I don’t know if I’m better (that is hella ballsy to say and I will not say it) but I think I have at least some form of a chance. It’s fun because this year, I don’t have any footing for if I’ll get to primary elections (top 2 I believe) or if I could win. I’m weirdly optimistic and excited about all this. I think you need one of these perspectives in life because, if I lose, I lose. It’s not like I’m banned from activities committee, shunned from school, or deemed as something melodramatic. It’s one year of high school; so yknow, breathe. I shouldn’t say this but there is one candidate that I almost hope will beat me because they would be an insanely awesome president and I hope they know that.

Anyways, for anyone from my class reading this, hey welcome to my blog. But also just a casual psa/fyi type of notice: I can see my stats for the wordpress. That’s one of the cool features. I can see how many people visited, where your site navigation is, which post(s) you view, where you came from to get here….y’know, the whole thing. So even though I can’t see ip addresses or whatever, I can pretty much tell who commented that earlier today. It’s cool, I get it, but woah. Chill dude.

I knew there’d be a certain level of vulnerability to sharing my posts through my twitter, but I’m not really prepared for whatever will/could happen from this. Since I do write a lot about my personal stuff…it’s weird to think people that I know in real life can be reading it and yknow judge. Up till now really, my core audience has been fellow bloggers that have somehow stumbled upon my wordpress. Weird that I feel more comfortable with strangers right? Well at least with their judgement, I’ll never know them in person. So whatever hate, judgement they pass on me is just floating in their world. With school mates and people I know, it’s pretty easy for that stuff to get back to me. I mean high school is literally a breeding ground for judgement. If someone needed to quickly plague the world and cause an epidemic – just start that stuff in high schools. It’ll spread faster than the bubonic, I promise.



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