Bullying is Bullying. Period.

WARNINGL: This is a rant.

The other day I witnessed someone bully another person and they tried to justify it with “everyone does it”. No. Oh my goodness, NO. There is no justification for bullying someone. I can’t even begin to express my disbelief and anger.Don’t get me wrong, this person is a good person. They’re kind and sweet and all around sweet and a lovely friend. They just don’t realize they’re bullying someone. Which is okay in a sense that it’s unintentional but also not okay because you know bullying.

When I pointed it out and flapped my arms and stomped my feet and looked like a total idiot because I was so frustrated, they laughed at me. Apparently I was overreacting because everyone does it so that makes it okay?!?! GOODNESS NO IT DOES NOT MAKE IT OKAY.

Just because everyone does it, doesn’t mean you can too! What? Everyone jumps off a bridge so you will too? Everyone votes for Romney so you will too? Everyone shares Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes so you will too??? Like what logic is this!??! You can’t just BULLY someone and justify it with everyone does it too. That doesn’t make it okay! That makes it worse! You’re adding to it!!!

This infuriated me so much guys. This person genuinely did not understand that their actions were bullying. Apparently  because everyone does it to the point where the victim knows and has learned to block it out, IT MAKES IT OKAY?? No. OHMYGOODNESS NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO. That makes it worse! How do you think it feels to be bullied??? To be hated so much that you know everyone hates you and to have to tune it out everyday!?? That is SO not what high school is supposed to be about. What do you think the victim does when they go home? Do you think that yours plus everyone else’s comments just pass over his/her head like nothing was said that day??? I can’t even rant correctly because this makes me so angry.

I hear one negative thing about me and I completely change myself to make sure I don’t hear it again. It sits on my shoulders with the weight of the world as if I’m Atlas and I can’t focus because of how some things are said. Yet this girl has to deal with this crap every damn day and the least you can do is smile at her, but no! You have to put her down even more! Good lord, is there no savior left in this world?? Maybe she can handle a few comments but yours may be the tipping point. How can you degrade someone? Do you think you’re better? Because you are utter shit if you think you are better than a poor girl being combatted and aimed towards because she’s annoying. Don’t even try to say she brings this upon herself. No one, I repeat, no f*cking person, deserves to be bullied.

I can’t believe I have to even say this, especially someone I hold in such high regards. Bullying is not acceptable. Bullying is not okay. Bullying will never be anything near alright because everyone does it. Frick. This makes me so furious.

For all you being bullied, fuck them. They are so ignorant and stupid and completely lacking all sympathy and empathetic mannerisms and just fuck them. They’re not worth your time, not worth your tears, and definitely not worth any piece of you.



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