One happy moment is worth 10 sad ones

I had a really lovely day. I just wanted to archive it in thoughts so I can remember. Hehe Yes.So my brother had his late birthday gathering thing today. His friend came over and has a *huge* Alaskan Malamute named Bear. He tried biting me a few times but also told me he loves me (in dog woof form) so it’s totally okay. Plus he has his shots so I mean, I would have been okay I think.

About 4 of my friends came over and we ate, watched Red Band Society (Leo is so attractive omg), had a bonfire, and played twister. It’s always nice to recuperate and relax with friends after a long week.

These are friends that I’ve had since middle school (if not longer) and I realized, every new school year I go searching for more friends. I have no idea why when I have such a good group around me already. I’ve always wanted to expand my army but I really don’t need to. The friends I have no are far more open-minded, loving, free, and caring than any other friends I’ve ever had. A few friends that I invited were busy but the 4 that came are definitely my main group.

I also met a very nice boy today which is always nice. I’m a tad (maybe more) invested in boys, but I’m nothing is serious because let’s be real, school is a thing. Honestly how do my peers have boyfriends/girlfriends? What do you do, kiss them and then shove them into a corner? When do you feed them? What do you do when they’re sad? Buy them a toy? Like what even is a relationship. Kudos to any teen with a significant other right now. I literally can’t handle ap stats, let alone a boyfriend.

But yeah anyways, today was just a really nice day. We talked and ranted and laughed and watched tv and just had fun. It’s nice to sit around a fire and make some memories and relax. So thanks for the 4 that came today. Because not only were they here for me today, or for the past week, but since forever. Shout out to yall. You da tru mvps.



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