Overwhelmed Ranting is the only thing I know to do

I feel overwhelmed with the set of choices and options laid in front of me. I’m a high school student. A sixteen year old high school student. I’ve lived less than a quarter of my life and yet here we are, expected to make decisions for 3/4 we have left.

What happened to “this is the time to make mistakes”? That high school and college were times to be childish and make mistakes and find ourselves and be truly happy and love and be foolish and so on. Where did these ideologies go?

How can I worry about my future when right in front of me I have ap statistics anResponsibilities vs Med ap lang and comp and ap world and physics and pre-calculus? And on top of my academic responsibilities, my social responsibilities? And on top of those my extra curricular responsibilities? And on top of that my civil ones? That’s literally a mountain load of responsibilities for 16 year old me.

Now I understand that adults have more responsibility and need to worry about money and taxes and life insurance and social security and all this, but do you see the difference? I’m not an adult. Okay, I get it, boo hoo. The real world doesn’t care.

That sucks though! The real world should care! How do you not care how you’re fostering your future? Yeah, because it’s a total great idea to teach the youth of the world that academic grade point averages are the make it or break it deciding factor of their future. Wonderful idea, absolutely wonderful. Forget about moral values, you have an A+ in chemistry? WOO! Let’s celebrate! Oh wait you just made an anti-women’s rights joke out of ignorance? Let’s suspend you from school because no one taught you better? Oh not your fault? Woops, you should have known even though no one taught you.

The world is backwards. I am upset. I am stressed. This rant is just me.


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