Go after dreams; not people

Sometimes I lose sight of what the real goal is: my dreams. I get sidetracked (which can be good) by boys, friends, people, yknow, the usual. It’s totally completely okay to be sidetracked and to have friends, because in the end, all those little excursions have brought you from point A to point B – even if point B isn’t where you thought it would be.

I have this habit of befriending people really quickly and really easily. So we get close super quickly and I open up to them, then realize I may have chosen the wrong person to befriend. Yknow, you fall super infatuated with how great someone is and forget that they may have flaws as well. Well, that’s probably my greatest flaw. If I was more reserved in this sense, life would be 10000000% easier I believe. But oh well, mistakes have been made, you can’t change the past. Just work towards a better future, yeah?

So when you fall in love with someone or you get a new best friend and you guys start hanging all the time, don’t forget to be you and carry your responsibilities. I have a friend who’s parents are constantly asking, “Why aren’t you more like Phuong Nam? Why can’t you do this like her? Phuong Nam does this and this, why aren’t you doing that too?” and so on. Honestly, I am so glad she’s nothing like me because she balances me out. She’s more reserved in the sense that she thinks before she acts, she is so much more artistic, she’s hilarious and wacky; I love her. She balances my absurd critical thinking, anxious judgements, and spastic ways so well. So despite having her parents constantly nag her to change; she hasn’t. She’s maintained herself and that is great because her dream isn’t me, her dream is to be happy and to love art and to always have chicken nuggets. Go after your dreams; not people.

Don’t be someone else, be you. Sure it’s okay to idolize others (Emma Watson), but don’t become them. Just take parts of everyone else and make it into you. Because these little pieces and tidbits of others, is essentially what you are. I actually have a theory on that. I’ll write about it later (:

For now, I have some homework to get to. Have a lovely day/night/noon you little cutie patooties



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