Long time no see!

Yesterday in school we had an activities fair (which is a great idea, highly suggest) and I saw many friends that I haven’t seen in so long. It’s so nice to see people and reconnect after some time has passed because it’s like both of you grown as people, yet you’re still compatible. (Does that make sense?)

Jake and I took a selfie that I overedited and then instagrammed. Look at how sweet he is.

My friend Jake, who I absolutely adore and love, was helping out with balloting votes (for class elections) in the lobby and so during periods where there were little to no people, I went to hang out with him and catch up. The boy is practically unreachable because he never ever answers his phone when I text him, but it’s okay because he answers my twitter direct messages (a redeeming quality of his, I’d say). Though our efforts of getting together always end up falling short, catching up with him for 20 minutes (probably less actually) was just enough to make a summer without him okay.

It’s funny right? How we can not speak to someone for days, weeks, months, maybe even years at a time, but still are close to the person? It’s so nice. I haven’t really spoken to Jake since we went to our sophomore semi-formal last year (which has only been 4-5 months, but feels like a lifetime). So when I finally spoke to him the other day and had a real conversation, it was nice. Like a welcoming hug you that could fight off the worst of days. That’s what a real friendship is I think; when you don’t have to speak everyday but when you do, it’s as if you never stopped.

Everyday we grow as people and we continue to grow and change as we speak. So when you don’t speak to someone for a while, time has allotted for both of you grow and change into different people. But real friendships, you grow and change together and still love the growth that’s taken place. I don’t know if I’m just high on life and friendship, but I think Jake is a great example of growing personalities. When people grow up and become their own person but still love you regardless; goodness. Sometimes life is just too good.


p.s. Jake knows I’ve made this post and has given the okay.


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