Shane Koyczan: The Grande Master of Spoken Word

Shane Koyczan first grew famous from his video project, “To This Day” – a video on bullying. (Highly recommend you watch it.) This man is absolutely beautiful. Not only is his voice enchanting, but the words he sews together to form a captivating flow of words that seize your heart and soul into an empathy because, yes, we’ve all been the underdog. We have all been bullied. We’ve all been hurt. We’ve all been down. No matter how many challenges you’ve faced in life, what challenges those may be, or even if you’ve never felt upset (which is a lie), Shane can capture your mind and throw you into a sea of empathetic mush. I love this man.

He recently came back with a new album of spoken word and made a video called “Troll”. In the Youtube comments, you see people saying that he’s overreacting or “making a mountain out of a molehill”, but this is a true problem. Though many trolls are just simple, aimless comments on Youtube videos, many are hurtful and spiteful arrows towards someone. This video is directed towards those trolls I believe. Being from Tumblr before moving to WordPress, I saw trolls in their truest form. Don’t get me wrong, Tumblr is a wonderful community of loving and intelligent and beautiful people. Though Tumblr is also plagued with rotten people that have forced other into suicide, depression, and self harm. I’ve seen it far too often that “anonymous” people would attack a user’s inbox with hate and ignorance. “Turn off anons for your ask box then” some would say. Sometimes that wasn’t enough.

But that’s off track. I love Shane’s video here. Trolls aren’t cute nor funny as Shane says. This video is beautiful. This video exposes the truth of the internet today. A technological legend that has advanced worlds of communication, the Internet also plagues the world with a new epidemic: cyber bullying. Shane brings that to light in this video. Bless his soul for taking on such a difficult and real conflict.


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