Sunday Appreciation Day: A mentor

So I’ve decided to start a new section of this blog. Every Sunday, I’m going to dedicate a post to a person, thing, or “idea” I appreciate. Hopefully I can share with you all the love I’ve received and share how I have! The first post shall be dedicated to…drum roll please… first mentor, AK! I won’t say his name for the sake of his privacy, but AK shall suffice.

I first met AK when I was in 7 years old I believe. He came to Boston to study and quickly became the idol my parents would compare me too. “AK is so smart and makes his parents so proud and yada yada yada…” It was annoying, but it was true (for the mostpart).

He is 10 years older than me, so he quickly became my older brother kind of. I never saw him often, it was mostly an exchange of texts and emails as I grew older, but he has been there for me most when I needed him. Fun fact: he was the first person I called when my dad died.

Anyways, growing up, I always strived to meet his expectations. Which was kind of sad because he didn’t have many for me except to do well in school…

He went on to graduate and is now living quite well and happily. He’s since moved away and I’ve had few chances to see him, but when I do, he always yells at me for my math grade. Typical of him.

I don’t know how AK shaped me and changed me but he has. He’s given me books to read, aka the greatest gift possible. He’s empowered me with knowledge and imagination. He’s always knocked me down to size and kept me humble. He’s introduced me to a world of intelligent, loving, and just amazing people.

Okay, maybe I do know how he’s changed me. He has this way of tough-love too. It’s so silly. I’ll tell him I love and miss him and he’ll just reply with no. It’s his way I guess. It’s okay. Randy Pausch’s childhood football coach once said that people are tough on you because they believe you can do better. I believe AK gives me a hard time and tough love because he only wants the best for me. (He’d totally scoff at this.)

I could never thank him enough for the love, knowledge, and experiences he’s given me. In life, you find people that are meant to guide you and keep you on the right path. For me, AK is one of those people. I couldn’t be more grateful, too. He’s amazing. I love him.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Appreciation Day: A mentor

    1. Hahaha I wish I could just spam him all over my blog. He’s the coolest older brother/mentor ever! He always threatens me with “If you don’t apply to Harvard, you don’t exist to me.” Hahah


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