Stop Apologizing

I’ve encountered far too many people that say “sorry” so much, I feel like they don’t even know what sorry is anymore. Don’t get me wrong, apologizing is good if you’ve made a mistake or done something wrong. However you do not need to apologize for every little thing you do.

I feel like this is an American thing. My Vietnamese, British, South African, Greek, etc friends don’t really have it in their culture to use “I’m sorry” so often. I can’t speak for them, but in Vietnamese culture, apologizing is reserved for really bad mistakes, misunderstandings, other horrible things. In American culture, it seems like apologizing is so overused. Which is great in meaning because it’s super polite. But if you say sorry once, you don’t need to say it again.

I have a few friends that will literally apologize for not knowing what to say in conversation or not knowing about a topic brought up. Woah, yo. Drop the formalities. Apologize when you forget my birthday or something, don’t apologize for not knowing about ISIS or how hamburgers are different from meatballs. It is totally okay.

Maybe sorry has lost its meaning along my generation. We grow up being taught it’s better to be sorry than regretful. We’re also taught that it’s better to apologize just in case. Maybe one sorry may not be enough. I don’t know. I’m just kind of frustrated with being unable to keep conversation with someone because all they do is apologize. I understand it’s not their fault, it’s just in their nature. Totally okay. But maybe try not to be so sorry? Be proud and loud and totally stand your ground. Don’t know what to say? Cool, bring up something else. Made a mistake? Say sorry once and move past it. Broke your hand? Why are you even apologizing?



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