The Last Song

This overly cliché  movie starring Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth  takes a hard left turn when  the father falls ill and passes. The movie  transitions from Miley’s love life to her struggle  to save herself from the void of destruction  she’d  let herself on. Her father’s  death serves as an awakening  moment for her. She returns  to her music and decides to go to Juilliard.
Watching this  movie, it reminds me of my dad so much. The summer he died, I was off in my own world and I was brought to a rude awakening. Much like Miley’s character, once my dad died, I came to a standstill. There’s  a reflection period after someone dies where  you just  question your own life, motives, and ambitions. Given her reflection  time was considerably less than mine, she still handled it way better than I did by composing that song, moving out, going to college, etc.
I just can’t  help but think of my own dad when I see that movie.


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