Hashtag Math Swag

I’m actually writing this during a math team meet at Nina’s school. It’s funny because she was here but then left to go do homework. I don’t know how I feel about all that jazz, but I’ll divulge on it later. Most of my friends are in Round 4 doing inequalities and other numbers that I don’t know about. I’m having a fairly good time I think.

I joined math team freshman year (I’m a junior now) and I really like it. As far as I’m concerned, I really really like it. Though I haven’t scored many points or gotten many problems correct during the meets, I still really like it. During meets, we do a lot of homework and chat and get pizza so that’s nice.

So far it’s just been a nice day. Last year at the last math meet I met a friend that I’ll call TT for the sake of anonymity, but I wish TT was here today. I miss him.



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