Two Faces, One Mind

Some people have two faces. Some have more. Some say I have two faces, literally and physically. I say I will wear however much makeup I please. I say that I may have two attitudes, but I’m only reciprocating yours. You deserve what you give right?

Recently, I’ve noticed so many different faces in people. Person A is bubbly and sweet around others yet can be deceiving and put you in your place without a second though. Person B is intellectual and respectful yet judgmental and critiquing your every move. Person C is outgoing and friendly yet talking behind your back every moment you’re not around. These people are friendly to you, they are nice, they are good. Until you turn around that is. Until you succeed past them. Until you walk away from them.

Everyone has a masquerade they show the world, a masquerade they show their parents, a masquerade for their significant other, and then their truest form of themselves. Some people go their whole life without discovering who they are and some people are acutely aware of who they are. I think it’s okay to show a specific side of yourself depending on a situation. At a job interview, obviously you’ll be the most prim, proper, and professional version of you. With your girls, obviously you let loose, laugh at each other’s farts, and joke about boys. At school, a guard is up, a natural clay mask slated over. That’s okay. You don’t have to show your vulnerable true self to anyone, anywhere.

But then there are the people that break this mask up even more. They lead you to believe that one form is their natural self, though it’s a mask. I’ve seen people pull wool right over a group of people’s eyes and here’s the scary thing – they believed it. It’s insane. Sure you needn’t tell everyone of your deepest secrets, that’s just unnecessary. But you also needn’t to sprinkle glitter everywhere you go to mask your trail.

The same applies to that whole “passive-aggressive” thing. No, just, no. Do not ever be passive-aggressive. You are wrong, stop. If you have a problem, confront it. Head on. Never give mixed signals. Do not pretend to be buddy buddy and mask your hate. If you have such hate in your soul, you can’t mask it. Trying to will result in failure. It muddles the situation just dirties things so much. Have a problem? Go solve it. It’s like being told to solve “x=21x+2” and instead of bringing the 21x to the left and dividing 2 by -20, you try to divvy up 21 into 7 and 3 and distribute that and do all this nonsense. No, there’s an easier way to do it. Stop. Just solve it head on.

Can’t solve it? Got the answer wrong? That’sĀ okay. Just learn and move on. Don’t muddle over the problem over and over again. Move on and try new problems.

You know I’ve had a long and frustrating day when I’m comparing my problems to algebra.



19 thoughts on “Two Faces, One Mind

  1. I get what you’re saying. I’ve always been a what you see is what you get kind of person. I always try to be as real as I possibly can, but depression has really changed that . I am guilty of hiding behind a smile to make it appear as if everything is alright. So, does that make me fake??


    1. I don’t think it makes us fake if we hide behind a smile. I think it’s natural. That’s the guard we put up so the world doesn’t have to see us at our most vulnerable state, you know? I do it too. Smile and nod and agree happily when really you want to cry, scream, kick, and shout.
      I think being fake is taking it one step further from just smiling. It’s consciously taking a step into the “extra” to have your own manipulative way. Or at least with the situation I’m in, that’s what I see it as.
      So no, you’re not fake at all. (:


                    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I hope you always remember because reading that one post some time ago left me at a loss for words. I realized a lot of parents feel this way and just wanted to post a “psa” type of letter.
                      But thank you so very much!


                    2. I will never forget it. And it is true, a lot of parents, such as myself, feel under appreciated because our children fail to acknowledge all that we do to try and please you all. We just want you to be happy and appreciate us a little more. That’s all. But thank you again.

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                    3. I think all parents feel underappreciated. I know my dad felt like I didn’t love him because I spent so much time in my room…but I was actually studying really hard so I could succeed for him. It’s funny how that works out. Haha
                      But I know what you mean. I’m sure your children love you but it’s a tad awkward to just say “i love you” randomly I think…I promise one day they’ll be showering you in love though, once they realize how lovely you are. ā¤


                    4. That would be nice. I guess I just have to be patient and hope they are half as smart as you and they realize how much it means to us parents to feel a little appreciation. Thank you again. šŸ˜Š


                    5. Don’t worry I’m sure they are. šŸ˜Š I think I may be older than them too, so in due time, no worries. But anytime you ever need anything, please feel free to contact me!


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