To All The Parents Out There,

Thank you. Thank you so very much. Thank you for nurturing me to where I am now. Thank you for providing for me. Thank you giving up all of your time, your energy, your money, your life, and your love. Thank you making a decision to dedicate the rest of your life to raising me.

Thank you dealing with me when I woke up every hour as an infant, when I had tantrums over toys as a toddler, when I screamed at you as a pre-teen, and when I disobeyed you as a teenager. Thank you for the endless love, the infinite encouragement, and the boundless opportunities.

I may have not always told you the truth. I’m sorry about that time when I was 8 and lied about breaking the glass dish. I’m sorry about that time I was 9 and ruined all your make up. I’m sorry that time I was 11 and tried to use your razor to shave my legs. I’m sorry that time I was 15 and lied about where I was going. I’m sorry that time I was 16 and tried to throw a party behind your back. I’m sorry that time I was 18 and came home at 3 drunk. I’m sorry I’ve broken your trust and lied to you so many times. But thank you always giving it back to me, for seeming like you never doubted me (I’m pretty sure you always do), and for always giving me some rope to roam with.

Thank you for teaching me through your own mistakes. Thank you for reminding me never to get revenge on a teacher (itching powder in their seat) because I may get expelled. Thanks for always reminding me to turn on my blinker when I drive even though I can’t drive yet. Thanks for always reminding me of how much you had to give up for me to live prosperously. As a kid/teen, I found it incredibly annoying. I thought I knew and understood what you meant, but I never did. As a teen now, I still don’t, and that scares me. I will never know or understand completely what or how you gave up in order for me to live well. So thank you for sacrificing yourself for me.

Thanks for that time I brought home a boy and giving me “the talk” that night, even though he was gay. Thanks for empowering me and teaching me, that I don’t need a boyfriend at 16. I don’t need a boyfriend, ever. Thank you so much for that. Now that I’m getting older, teaching me that my independence and happiness will always come before anyone else’s.

I could ramble on forever about everything you’ve done for me. I could go on for ages, because to put it simply, you made me. Literally made me and metaphorically made me who I am. You gave me an identity and nurtured me to who I am now. I may be a tad depressed or struggling in math or not so great at soccer and have issues with my self confidence and talk back – but I want you to know I love you. You’ve given everything you can and have for me to have more than you do/did, and I swear I’m so grateful to you. I don’t show it all the time and I totally take advantage of you but thank you so much.

So even when you’re in your darkest of days, convinced I don’t love you, convinced that I hate you (I probably have said it in an argument here and there): please know, that I love you. I will always love you. I will always, always, always love you. You are the reason I am and the reason I have come to be. Please don’t forget, even when I’m crazy and angry and hostile and mood swingy, please remember that I love you.


Your child

So I wrote that with a certain person in mind, but to all the parents out there, thank you. To my mom, to my dad, to my grandparents, to my teachers, to everyone having to raise another person, thank you. I know it’s hard and though I’m only 16 and have no idea what it’s like to be a mother/father, I know that it’s (for lack of a word,) hard. So shout out to all of you out there. You deserve a glass of wine and a million dollar reimbursement. Hahaha