Sunday Appreciation Day: Deen Haleem

I’m back with another Sunday Appreciation Day post and this time it’s dedicated to my beloved friend Deen. I was actually just on the phone with him catching up since we haven’t talked in a while. Do you know those friends that you only talk to once in a while but are people you can confide everything in? Or those friends that you don’t feel the need to physically see all the time because their voice is enough? Exactly. That’s Deen for me. 

I first met Deen through a program we both do called “Youth in Governent” (in some states, it’s called Youth and Government” or “Youth & Government”) that is part of the YMCA. He comes from a different delegation and met at our state conference. I got super close to him then and was lucky enough to spend more time with him at the “Conference on National Affairs” (YIG is state, CONA is national) and  we grew even closer. Through the struggles and drama of YiG and stress of life, Deen has never failed me. He’s been there for me when I’m happiest; he’s been there for me when I’m ready to commit suicide.

This is me and Deen at my 16th birthday and coincidentally the only picture we have together!
This is me and Deen at my 16th birthday and coincidentally the only picture we have together!

The past year has been just a complete roller coaster for me. Deen’s only been in my life for the latter part of the year, but man, has he made a difference. Many people tell me that no matter what, I can turn to them when I’m down and crying. I very seldom call people or reach out when I do; I don’t want anyone to know my vulnerability. Though Deen is one of few people I will always call, I will always reach out to when I need him. I know that no matter where we go, I will never “regret” opening up and showing him my weakest side. He’s just that great. He’s so understanding and he doesn’t sugar coat anything. So when Deen tells you he thinks you’re strong, he thinks you’re cool, he thinks you’re so savage – he speaks the truth.

Oh man and not only is he so so so reliable, Deen is insanely funny. He has the best sense of humor and is always cracking the best jokes. This is the kid that keeps people up at night laughing because he never stops. He occasionally even sings in the mirror when he wakes up because he is that cool. God Bless his soul. Deen also does this thing that when he makes someone laugh, he squints his right eye a tad bit and laughs/smiles too because he’s happy he’s made someone smile and overall just enjoying a moment. Goodness, he’s just so great. He’s smart and he’s funny and he’s handsome. I know, I know, impossible right?

I’m just really happy that I’ve had someone like him with me through this weird time in life. I’m glad that when I feel at my end, crying my eyes out, just completely drained of all life, I can list him as a reason to live another day. I know there’s no reason to commit suicide, that life is so valuable and precious. But when I’m so upset and out of it, Deen’s like that light at the end of the tunnel. The hand reaching out to pull you up after a fall. Yknow? He’s just always there, even when he doesn’t know it. So I’m glad I can say to myself that no, I have more than enough reasons to live because *snaps fingers* it’s Deen Haleem.

This boy is more than just a boy. He’s literally more than something tangible of human capability. How the Gods have made someone so wonderful, I still don’t know; and I don’t need to know how. I’m just thankful they did. So Deen, if you’re reading this, I love you. Thank you for being here for me, for standing by my side, for making me laugh, for advising me to stand strong, for everything and beyond. Thank you dear.



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