Did you say Goddess? You mean Kathleen right?

During my trip to CONA, I met this wonderful lady named Kathleen and my goodness, I love her. She has this radiant smile and is just so bright. Her voice isn’t cutesy or soft but it’s kind of that I just woke up don’t touch me mixed with I love you buy me pizza kind of voice?? Does that make any sense? Because that is Kathleen all the time. 

Anyways this girl is texting me an acrostic poem of my name. It just makes me happy so I’m going to blog about it and love her even more.

P is for personable.

H is for hella smart.

U is for undeniably courageous and strong.

O is for overcoming battles no one else could

N is for nurturing and kind to everyone

G is for genuine

N is for noteworthy because you are going places and people that don’t believe that are wrong-o

A is for angel because when you spoke at CONA it was so captivating

M is for miraculous because your positivity is so inspiring

N is for nutty because you’re easily one of the funniest and most whimsical people I know

G is for genius because the classes you take a super hard and super impressive

U is for unification since you have a personality that can bring people together that’s so incredibly special

Y is for youthful because you bring a passion and a drive to all you do that is as refreshing as a child’s

E is for empowered since your confidence shows you know you’re a strong independent black woman that don’t need no man

N goes for notorious.

Everywhere you go, you’re the only Nam that could ever grace the Earth in the badass way you do and that’s the most special of all ❤

GUYS I AM CRYING. CRYINGGGGGGGG. Who needs to be in a sorority or have a big when you have Kathleen?? Boycotting college now because all I need is Kathleen.

This girl is unbelievable and I just love her and I had to archive her little poem somewhere because mind you, I can. Ah!!! So much happiness and love in one night. Kathleen is such a beaut and such a love and ah! God Bless her ❤ ❤ ❤



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