Sunday Appreciation Day: Noah!

First off, I know. It’s not Sunday. I’m sure in someone’s dream or universe or book or something, it’s Sunday. But I forgot to do last week (more like I was lazy) so I’ll write it now. On Friday. HAHA. So anyways! Friday Appreciation Day shall be dedicated to my favorite drum major ever, Noah.

I met Noah through Tumblr. I know, probably not safe. But, hear me out. I wrote a pretty morbid, depressed post venting my feelings out and Noah shot me a message of love and support that I never actually replied to. Months later over summer as I was cleaning my inbox out, I came across it and decided I should thank him and reply. We started talking about music and school and other things and turns out, he’s pretty cool! (Not going to lie, I was like oh cute boy let’s reply back but then after talking I was like goodness what a nerd. But a good nerd!)

So we exchanged Facebooks and what not and Noah is probably the coolest person ever. He’s a drum major which is pretty mean an official position that signifies his band nerdi-ness. He also sings which means he’s probably Justin Timberlake in disguise. He’s traveled for his choir and is just this jumble of success. I love him. He goes on rambles all the time about band and music.

Actually funny fact, (almost) every night, Noah and I will talk and we ask each other what happened that day or how was school and his response 110% of the time is about band or choir. The boy is obsessed with music. If I didn’t know better, I would think he didn’t take any classes but those two. He absolutely loves music. It embodies him.

He’s just so passionate and it’s admirable to see someone grow and succeed through their passion. I usually get discouraged after a few months but here’s Noah, literally getting apeshit excited over a band performance. You guys need to see his expression when he accepts an award, he’s so happy and so excited, it’s like you just told him he can have all the quesadillas in the world.

Whenever I’m upset, Noah will make me happier without even knowing I’m upset. I won’t say anything and neither will he and subconsciously he’ll just make me laugh without knowing. It’s so funny how our friendship works. He comes to me to gush about band and girls and fun things and I come to him for giggles. He’s a wonderful friend. Always there when I need him even if it’s a random time in the middle of the night. Like right now at 1am.

He’s just really nice. He’s a goofy nerd and he’s just so smiley and fun all the time. Have I mentioned that I haven’t met Noah yet? Woops, because I haven’t. Or at least not in person. I think someday we will and someday soon I hope. He’s just really wonderful in every way possible and I absolutely adore him. I hope everyone in life has their own Noah because everyone needs a giant quesadilla music loving goofball.


p.s. Noah also has a killer taste in music. He made this playlist for me that all of you should listen to. It’s wonderful.


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