Little moments

Hello hello! I’m in a considerably better mood lately. I don’t know what it is but I am just so content. There are few times in life that you can just sit back and look around and just smile. It’s refreshing, rejuvenating, and better than any renewing collagen facial.

It’s 1:30 am here where I am. I technically should be asleep since I have to take the PSAT tomorrow at 7:30 am. But I’m too content to go to bed. I’m talking to a certain person that may have been mentioned in previous posts pertaining to the topic of boys (hinthint) and it’s so silly! Just talking to the person you like can uplift anyone’s spirits. It’s so teen-puppy love but hey, I am 16 after all. (I think I play off on the “but I’m only 16” card way too much woops.)

So yeah. I’m chatting with him about Rubiks cubes, which I wholeheartedly suck at, and listening to “First Flight Home” by Jake Miller and Rylynn by Andy McKee & Don Ross. It’s just a good night. 🙂

I hope whoever you are reading this is having a nice night/day too. Much love to you xoxo


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