Sunday Appreciation Day: Kyle!

So I just barely made it for Sunday but this week’s appreciation post goes to the dork known as Kyle (from Michigan)! I met Kyle at CONA this summer. I was in 2 (I think?) committees with him and literally every time he got up there, I was like oh he’s cute but then when he opened his mouth, all I could think in the most horrified way was he’s a conservative. Not that anything is wrong with conservatives, but let’s be real. Conservatives. Eugh. At CONA, being a conservative or liberal was pretty serious and by serious I mean, a good joke to tease each other with.

Anyways, I never cared for Kyle’s existence, because conservative, until at the very very very end of CONA on the last day, I saw him at the dance. I didn’t recognize him but he was just chilling there, alone, away from the crowd. How could I let anyone be alone at a dance? PSH. No. So I grabbed his hand and dragged him to my friends and we danced because you can’t be at a dance and not dance. I think we danced to Frozen’s Let It Go. I’m pretty sure.

So after there was a bonfire where we all paired up hand & hand and stood in a giant circle around this beautiful fire under the stars and it was just so breathtaking. Kyle and I held hands. (This sounds more than what it is but I swear, it’s not anything lovey-dovey because remember, he’s a conservative.) After we were free to say our goodbyes to friends and other delegates since most were leaving that night. We walked around saying goodbye and talking and trying to get to know each other because he was leaving in like 20 minutes. Then we were we thought we should keep in contact but both of our phones were dead, so we wrote each other’s numbers on our arms. Can we say 1990’s teen romcom or what?

But that’s how I met Kyle! We text all the time and are always in contact. I’ve gotten to know Kyle pretty well since CONA and I have learned a few things about him:

  1. Kyle likes energy drinks and protein shakes aka ew, ew, ew.
  2. Kyle is also very religious and so he resorts to religious sermons whenever I’m upset/sad. It’s actually really wonderful how strongly he believes in Christianity and how he’ll go on (for what seems like forever) about the wonders of God and everything. It’s the best I swear.
  3. Kyle eats anything. And he loves desserts. So if you ever need him to do anything for you, bribe him with cupcakes, chocolate, and food. Preferably something with chocolate. Or meaty. Steaks. Or fancy food like lobster mac ‘n cheese. (Literally, any food)
  4. Kyle is also really weird. He reads philosophy and learns Ancient Greek for fun. Can we say nerd or….?

That’s all you need to know about Kyle. I swear, that’s really it. He’s wonderful and really lovely and such a cutie patootie. (He almost kicked me for saying that the first time but we were texting and he lived like 1000 miles away so he couldn’t.)  But he’s a cutie patootie and so darling.

Whenever I’m frustrated or sad, Kyle will do one of three things: tell me how great I am, tell me he’s going to pray for me, or tell me some philosophical religious story. Which in the end always works because even though I’m not Christian or religious, it always takes my mind off of whatever and brings it to the topic of the story. It’s just nice though that I can connect with him on such a deeper intellectual level. We used to stay up till 3am (once we stayed up till 5am) on the phone talking about philosophy and religion and all my weird theories. So many weird theories have come from my conversations with him.

So yes, yes. I do appreciate my cupcake (I call him that to tease him) very very much. He is absolutely amazing and the bestest friend I could ever ask for. I love him so so so so so much and could never thank him enough for being so supportive, loving, annoying (Batman > Iron Man), and just overall the best person ever. I hope everyone in the world has a cupcake to have those late night philosophy talks with. You know the ones where you question life and why the world is how it is and just everything like that.  ❤

I haven’t seen him since CONA and we hope to meet up soon but yknow Boston to Michigan is a really long walk. Plus I recently took a quiz and I’m 80% Republican and 20% Democrat rather than 100% Democrat. I’m kind of angry at how much he’s ruined me. It’s okay though, I still have that 20% I can build back up to 100%. 🙂



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