Love is Scary

Do you think so? Love is to be cherished and shared, but it’s oh so powerful. Love has power to destroy, to thrive, to nourish, to hurt. We put all of our power and emotion and energy and being into one simple thing: love. Is that too much?

Think about it. We spend our life searching for a husband/wife/person/thing to share our love with. We go through relationships and heartaches and all these things for love…yet what even is love? Is it the release of seretonin, endorphins, dopamine, and so on when you see a familiar face? Is it the willingness to stand in front of a loaded gun for something/someone greater than yourself? What is love?

Love is everything. That’s all I can define it as. Love is waking up and smiling. Love is giving up a bit of yourself for someone else to have themself. Love is standing in the front line for freedom. Love is the tears that stain your cheeks at night. Love is the reason I am. It might be the reason you are, it might not be. But love is everything.

Just a 3am thought I guess.


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