I love letters

Whenever I get a letter, after reading it, I usually throw it in this shoebox under my desk so I don’t lose them. I opened up the box today and found an abundance of cards and letters from friends and family. I just love deciphering their messy handwriting and reading the though within each pen scribble. How cool is it that from the age of 3-4, we start learning that a certain combination of lines and squiggles make letters and we memorize those squiggles to form words and have grammar and this whole language thing going on? Like wow. I’m so intrigued by it.

Anyways, I found 2 letters specifically that made me want to write this. One is from my friend Andreas and another from my friend Alex. I met Andreas at CONA and he’s from the Delaware delegation. I made Andreas carry me everywhere around the mountain because he’s Mr.Muscles man. When I received the letter in the mail, I was super shocked because I didn’t recall giving him my address, but I was so excited. It was just a letter scribbled onto some notebook paper in his signature penmanship. It starts off with “Dear Pocahontas” and ended with me crying. Just, man, some words are so sweet. I’m not sure if I wrote back, but damn I need to get on that. I’m going to surprise him soon and since he’ll see this, I won’t spoil it any further. Andreas is just so sweet and kind, I love him. How did I get to meet such a wonderful soul? Whenever I wear heels, I always think of how he carried me from Lee Hall to my dorm porch because I was tired. Have I also mentioned he’s adorable and the cutiest patootie? He’s a gentleman and he’s smart and he’s kind and he’s like a big brother and a best friend all wrapped into one bundle with blue-green-turquoise eyes that are like jewels. Ah. I can’t wait to see him again. I’m going to hug him so tight my arms will fall off.

The other letter I found is from my friend Alex. I met Alex at Stanford, summer ’13. He was introverted and probably wanted me to shut up, but I finally burrowed into his little brain and we became friends! He has the brightest smile you will ever see. Both literally and figuratively. Especially because Alex is quiet, whenever I hear him laugh, I can hear his smile in his voice. You know someone’s special when you can hear them smile. His soul is just so pure and nerdy and beautiful and I love him so much. He’s the kind of guy you see in magazines and the one you see in movies. The shy one that every girl ignores and then boom, realizes is perfect, because let’s face it, Alex is perfect. He’s smart, funny, kind, passionate, nerdy, a leader, and handsome. I miss him so much and jokingly said I would fly him up for prom. Haha if only that was possible! My mom has planned multiple trips to his area for vacations and so I can see him (gotta visit my best friends!!) and every time she calls them off last minute. It’s heartbreaking!! But goodness, I’ve never been prouder to be a nerd. The whole Stanford concept was about embracing our inner nerd and I think Alex and I embraced our nerdy personalities very well. Anyways his letter made me cry and I stuck it on my wall above my desk (I did that with Andreas’ too) so whenever I feel overwhelmed, I have it as a reminder.

How do I know so many beautiful people? Real question that I ask myself everyday.



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