My stomach hurts

I’m not even sure why I’m blogging in class when I have a stats exam in two periods and a spanish worksheet to finish but blogging is a thing so yeah. Last night was pretty fun too. I was in a google hangout with Kyle and so we pretty much looked up the etymology of “chlamydia”. It’s derived from a Greek word that means a soldier’s loincloth or something….I’m not sure. It was nice to talk to Kyle though because I think that’s the first webcam sesh we’ve had since we’ve met. Happy happy happy

I’m kind of really tired too. Like always tired. I’m going to bomb stats. I mean I’m feeling uncharacteristically hopeful but yknow. Me and stats just don’t go ever. It’s like an abusive love-hate relationship that I can’t get out of because I have this notion that it’s “beneficial” but it’s probably detrimental. Oh well. Yolo.


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