Review: Lush’s “Cosmetic Warrior” Fresh Face Mask

Hello hello! So I’m back with my 3rd (I think?) beauty related post. I recently tried Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior and woah, I love it. Lush is a company known for all natural, pro-animal rights, organic, wholesome, and happy products. The store is bursting with smells (everytime I go in, I come out scent-blind) and bubbly cashiers. The people that work there are so genuine and nice. I don’t shop there often, but after this face mask, you bet I’ll be there on the dilly-dally!

I have super sensitive skin and am almost always breaking out. When I do break out, I get hyper-pigmentation, dimpling,


scarring, you name it, I’ve had it. It’s horrible. Thank goodness, I can conceal quite well with make up but you know, you gotta treat your skin right to get it healthy. So I bought this face mask since it has tea tree oils, garlic, kaolin, grapes, honey, and a few other things to bind it. It’s made fresh, in-store and kept refrigerated.

So it comes in this cute little black pot and is about 2 oz of product. (If you collect the pots and bring back 5, you get one free!) The product lasts me about 10-15 facials (depending on how much I lather on). It’s a beige/creme colored paste that is thick and creamy so you don’t have to worry about it dripping off. The smell is divine. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not garlicky. I think it’s the tea tree oil smell but it’s a floral, peppery, sweet goodness type of smell. I tasted it too (woops) and it tastes sweet. So I mean, it satiates all your senses.

After this, my skin definitely looks brighter. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks, 5-6 times a week and my hyperpigmentation is fading, my skin isn’t dry or oily anymore, and my acne is cooling! So far, so good! It leaves your skin feeling so soft and not greasy. It also has little bits (of garlic I think?) to double as a scrub and really buff away that dry and dead skin.

Definitely recommend this little beaut! I’d say it’s better than the Michael Todd’s face masks and scubbs.


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