Top 8 Break-Up Songs That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

I’m not moping over a break up or anything, but hey, I can appreciate a solid break-up song here and there. Also, do yall like my title? I tried to make it eye-catching like those pesky “Top 10-“/”5 Things You…”, and etc… articles you see scattered through Facebook and what not. But yes! You’ve probably heard of these but pretend you’ve never okay. Anyways, these are some solid songs for wallowing in that break-up/unrequited love sadness.

“I Hate Love” by Claude Kelly

“Let It Slide” by Nikki Flores

“The Hardest Thing” by Tyler Ward

“She Was Mine” by AJ Rafael

“Nobody Will Love You Like I Do” by Stevie Hoang

“Who Am I To Say” by Hope

“Perfect” by J-Co

…and one more for getting over the break up and beginning that new empowerment-single-(wo)man-swag-journey



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