Dear Parents of High Schoolers

Please read this letter to the very end and know that I do not write this out of disrespect, but with the utmost sincere intentions. Today report cards are coming out for us kids. It’s been a difficult year, however it’s the only beginning. If we come home with grades dismal to your expectation, please please understand that it is not our fault. With that being said, it is not our teachers’ fault either.

We are doing our best. I promise you, we are trying so hard. It’s a struggle to keep going everyday, to wake up before the sun and sleep long after it goes down. School is just as important to us as it is to you. However, to us, education is more important. We stay up past bed time to finish that English essay due or to work extra hard on that physics problem that makes no sense whatsoever. You’ve probably walked in on us taking a break and thought that we’ve been procrastinating the whole time. I promise, that’s not the case.

Our homework now, especially in high school, is no longer as simple as 20 algebra problems or a book report. Our homework now, is to develop our skills. Though we are assigned small things like a reading sheet on a 2 page article in english, 4 problems in statistics, or simple notes in history, none of that is as simple as it looks. The reading sheet is meant to challenge our minds, to develop the way we think, to understand the rhetorical situation of a piece of writing. Those 4 problems in statistics are meant to make us think about how x and y may be correlated and how to apply that through a z-plane and all this other crazy nonsense. Those history notes take so long because we aren’t copying facts from a book, we’re trying to understand how our society, how our people, how the world has come to be.

School is becoming difficult. We are set to challenge ourselves to be the best we can be and to do well to earn an education and make you proud. We understand that. That is why we’ve signed up for AP courses, why we work past midnight, why we skip lunch to study, why we stress over school. We want to challenge ourselves. So when those A’s aren’t as abundant as they were when we were in elementary school, please remember we are struggling. We are struggling not because we aren’t putting in effort, not because we’re being lazy, but because we are challenging ourselves.

Please don’t give us ultimatums either. “If you don’t get bring this grade up immediately, you’re off the soccer team!” or “If I see one more C then you’re quitting x club!” Oh god please don’t do that. Please remember that these clubs and sports are the only things that keep us sane. In a reality where numbers determine your worth, high school is difficult. Our friends, our interests, our passions are what fuels us further. Please let us continue to be happy while we work diligently.

It is only first term after all. We’ve been hit with a storm that we had not expected and we are only now becoming acquainted with the battle to understand. We are trying to succeed for ourselves just as much as we are for you and for that, please support us. We understand the disappointment in your eyes and why you raise your voice because compared to kids across the nation, we may be behind. But we’re trying to catch up and we are working hard to do well, to be well.

Please have faith. Please do not cry over the appearance of a B in our report cards. Do not blame laziness or procrastination. Do not blame our involvement in sports of clubs. Do not blame our teachers. We are all on one team. We are all working towards my education. As a parent, we understand you want best for us. But please don’t scold us too harshly for a B or below. Please also remember that a C is average. We beg of you to remember that these few Bs, this C here and there, they do not reflect on us as people. They do not reflect on us as students. We are trying to raise our grades.

Please be understanding and patient.

-Students everywhere


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