The YMCA aka The Youth Mecca for Caring Adults ?!

Ahhh!!! Last night was my YMCA’s annual fundraising gala. It was held in a fancy hotel ballroom a city over. There was a silent auction, live auction, dinner, and dancing. I can’t even begin to tell yall how fantastic it was. Ah!!!

Yall might remember my friend Deen who I wrote about here. Anyways, I brought Deen as my date to the gala and although we both felt underdressed, we stuck out like a sore thumb anyways. Literally. The age range must have been 30-90 because Deen and I were the only teens, with the exception of 2 other kids that we didn’t see till we were leaving. I’m happy I brought Deen though because not only is he so so so supportive, he’s also a really fun dance partner.

I was the guest speaker at the Y gala this year. I spoke on the teen program and how the Y has shaped me this past year. Guys, you have to sign up for the YMCA. It’s not just a gym, it’s not just a fitness center, it’s a whole new place of love. The teen program, the childcare program, the fitness program, it’s all such quality. Everyone knows each other’s name and it’s such a welcoming community. I absolutely adore the Y.

I’m waiting for the pictures to be posted since there was a professional photographer, so I’ll continue this post in a week or two.

Also, on the silent auction part, there were clipboards that you could write your number down on and big for certain items. I wanted to drive the price up and bid but you know, I’m a broke 16 year old. Someone bid first on something (I think it was a deep tissue massage certificate worth $300 or a limo rental worth $500?, I don’t even remember haha) and then the next person skipped 5-6 spaces because they bid way higher. I filled my number in one of the bid places just to put my number down because I wanted to feel like I accomplished or at least tried bidding. Hehehe



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