Stop fetishizing a RACE of people

This sounds so weird to say and trust me, I feel weird saying this too. But lately I’ve been thinking about how much I sometimes just hate being an “Asian girl”. It’s fun because you know, minority and unique, and cool. However being an Asian girl has its downfalls. Like being fantasized as some domesticated, submissively hypersexual object.

Surprisingly enough “asian” is a highly googled term and it’s actually a fetish. Some people call it yellow fever or asiaphile but it’s a fetish for Asian people/culture/things/etc by non-Asians. I feel like this is due to the Asian stereotype that girls have in Western culture.

The stereotype that Asian girls are good wives, domesticated, submissive, obedient, innocent, intelligent, and the list goes on forever. Asians are seen as the “model minority”, whatever that means. But the truth is no population of people can be defined by a set of adjectives. Yes, there may be some Asian girls that do follow that list above, however there are plenty of Caucasian, African, Italian, English, etc women that may fit those descriptions too.

It’s just so stupid that Asian girls are seen as some exotic prize. Asians are a race of people. Asian females are just the same as Caucasian females, however, there is no extreme fetishizing of that. Sexualizing a race literally makes no sense, yet lo and behold yellow fever is a thing. I actually know guys that are only interested in Asian girls. Which is fine, you can love and lust after anyone you wish.

However when your reasoning is “well, because she’s Asian”, that’s when I draw the line. Not only is it incredibly rude to other races, but it’s segregating a race due to their appearance/culture/stereotype/whatever. Don’t tell me that this is okay at all. It’s racist and segregation no matter what angle you look at it, no matter if you believe it is flattering or not.

The truth of the matter is, yellow fever is not a compliment to Asians. Believe it or not, it’s highly uncomfortable! You’re dating an Asian girl because she is Asian. Don’t tell me any bull that her beauty allured you or whatever because you picked her out of a crowd due to her oriental features. I love being Asian and my almond eyes as much as the next person, but there’s nothing to fantasize about.

You could make the comparison that someone may prefer caucasian men over others and ask what the difference between that is. See, here’s the thing, “white men” isn’t one of the top 10 world’s top porn searches nor is it a conventional term to use “white fever” or whatever the caucasian equivalent to yellow fever is in daily conversation. People actually joke around about having yellow fever and in a friendly conversation, it may be tolerable. However, comparing two races is a different thing. Other races don’t have a hypersexualized misconception of Caucasian men. Yellow fever isn’t a personal preference anymore, it’s this huge bandwagon of misconstruing and hypersexualizing a race.

Like I said earlier, it’s not a compliment at all when someone says they (seriously) have yellow fever. Cool you like me and my people, but also that makes no sense at all. Why are you sexualizing a whole entire race?! It’s like me saying I love all sweets because chocolate is sweet and decadent and delicious. No, licorice is bleeping disgusting and so are cowtails and a handful of other disgusting candies but you know I’m going to generalize that all candy is delicious because of the stereotype that all kids love candy right? No. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Next time someone says they have yellow fever and justifies it with “Just because yknow”, expect to see a news story of a small Asian girl in the hospital with a broken hand and a victim with a broken brain. At least justify your fetish with “Oh I have an interest in Asian women because I am openly biased however I am not opposed to any other race.” or something like that.


(Sources/Inspirations include: this and this)


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