Appreciation Post: Jack & Handong

I know, I know, it’s not Sunday. It never seems to be Sunday when I write these so SAD posts shall become AD posts. Hehe. Anyways, I reunited with my two friends, Jack and Handong, from CONA today for a few hours and guys. You need to read this all the way through. 

I first met Handong and Jack because they were both in my first committee at CONA. They essentially were the first impression I had of CONA and the true meaning of CONA. Handong, with his brazen smile and inspirational tidbits, and Jack, with his almost-too-sure mannerisms and confident poise, made their way through CONA and unknowingly touched some hearts too.

I saw them again today as Handong attends a school closeby and Jack is visiting said school. (I won’t say for their privacy.) Jack contacted me late last night that he’d be in town to visit the school and I almost stopped breathing. No way have the gods graced me and given me another chance to chill with the cooolest person ever. My mom said no and I literally *tore* my way through school in the crabbiest mood but she changed her mind (last minute) and drove me over.




(and gals too I guess)


These two boys who are so unreachable both physically and because the universe won’t align our schedules, guys. I met them both again today. Though all we did was have ramen at a Korean food court, get Insomnia Cookies (which are probably the reason behind this school’s success), and play SuperSmash Bros (which I suck at),  it was like being reunited with pieces of my soul.

I think when you meet someone, especially at a place like CONA, and you share experiences and memories that are unique to any others, you give little pieces of your soul to each other and that’s how you improve yourself as a person. You take the best pieces that someone else has shown you and they take pieces of you. For example, I’ve taken inspirational words and optimistic outlooks from Handong and I’m sure he’s taken something random from me. That’s how relationships are made in the world, I think.

So when we were eating our ramen and on the T (Boston’s subway system) and Jack mentioned leadership, I automatically thought that these two people have no clue to the extent of which they’ve touched people. Seriously, they’re so humbly clueless.

Jack was the first person to present at CONA for me and he got up there, took a deep breath, and smiled. He began his opening statement in such a relaxed way. It was obviously written down and planned prior, but he held a connection with the room. He wasn’t just saying that we should agree with him because of point a, b, and c. He was explaining how a, b, and c are important. He spoke to us as if individually and he held a confident tone through all of it. Then at the end of the committee, he recited this poem. I believe it’s tradition for Model United Nations delegates to memorize but I’m not too sure. Anyways, the poem was probably the best way someone could end a committee. Words of encouragement, of empowerment, of love. God bless this guy. I remember speaking with another CONA delegate from the same committee and we said our “CONA goal” was to be Jack.

Handong was our CONA chair aka the person with a gavel. I wanted that gavel so much. Handong provided us with little bits of inspiration and blurts of motivation to keep moving on through 4 (ish) hour long committee sessions during our first day on the mountain. I remember he saw how tired we grew and would stop to encourage us. He’s the definition of cheese. But this boy is so sweet, so genuine, and so endearing. His mannerisms were sincere and his words were beyond encouraging. As a first year delegate, I was so nervous to present. You’re on a mountain with 600 other delegates from around the country and you’ve been chosen as one of however many to represent your state. Think about that. Not only did Handong make each of us feel like we deserved to be on the mountain, but that we were meant to be there.

One memory that I have to mention with Handong is in 2nd committee, we were in the chapel. We, along with a few other delegates, sang Frozen’s Let It Go as he danced his fingers across the piano. Though it was short and small, it was just lovely. I never learned those delegates’ names but it just goes to show that we were a family on that mountain.

So to make this long post short, I’m really lucky guys. I blog all the time about how I’m surrounded by wonderful people and all the time about how grateful I am. Hopefully this post lets you know more specifically just how grateful I am to have memories with such wonderful people like Jack and Handong. They’re natural leaders, always looking towards the future with an open heart and a careful mind. They’re always holding out a hand and heart with some thought and advice. They’re always prepared to dive into a task or help someone out. They’re leaders.

Jack mentioned (something along the lines of) that when we’re old and grey, you won’t necessarily remember someone’s name, face, voice, age, or anything about them at all. However, you’ll remember what they bestilled upon you, what they gave to you, and you’ll have a piece of their soul with you wherever you go. Hopefully you’ll have shared what they gave to you. I know that I’ll live my life with the optimism Handong has and the passion Jack has.

I’m going to stop writing this before I shed more tears (I’ve been crying happy tears through all this.) I mean, is this even real life? How is it possible that I’ve won the lottery and met such amazing leaders and people in life? Especially people as wonderful as Jack and Handong?? I don’t know how it happened. But bless the Universe for showing a sister some love.



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