Randomized Appreciation Day

Hello Hello! I just wanted to share with yall this event that my friends and I occasionally do. It’s called “Randomized Appreciation Day.” All it is, is you choose a random day to appreciate a friend (or more) in your life. Though it can be even a stranger, someone you’re not close to, a teacher, a mentor, your mum or dad, anyone. I chose today to jumpstart Thanksgiving.

I made brownies and placed a square in each baggie. I tied a red ribbon around each baggie with a little tag that said the person’s name & a little message. For a past english teacher it said, “Happy Appreciation Day! Thank you for opening me to the world of English!” It’s a small gesture, but it lingers with people through their day.

Like how my friend Philippa always smiles at me in the hallway, I wanted to give her something that would brighten her day a little more than usual.

I really suggest y’all try this out. You don’t even have to make brownies or desserts. A simple note that says “Thank you for being my friend <3” is just as thoughtful and loving. It’s the acknowledgement and direct appreciation that people don’t hear so much these days that makes this gift so special.

So take some time out of your day, make someone smile, and remind them that you’re grateful to have them by your side.


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