Sunday Appreciation Day: Thanksgiving Love!

Hi Guys! So I just wanted to do a quick (accumulated) shout out to all the lovebugs around me because as yall know, Thanksgiving is coming up. You guys know that I love to appreciate everyone in my life everyday and not just Thanksgiving, but hey. Thanksgiving is a really special time to really reflect on all you have around you and in your life. So here are only a handful of people that I love in my life. Scroll through for your name, read all of them, or just use “control + f” to find your name. It’ll be ordered by first name plus the initial of your last name. ❤

Toska B: Girl. You know I love you beyond belief and I cannot be more grateful to tell you that I love you so so so very much. Thank you for standing by me, especially when I’m clearly in the wrong and overthinking things. (Which is like always.) Thank you for listening to me complain and cry over small things. Thank you for being so honest and telling me that I’m insane and stupid for not being able to move on when I should. You’re a true best friend for everything you do for me. I love our stupid moments together, our clueless moments, and all of our aguements. You’re the only friend I can introduce as “Hi this is Toska, but she’s not important, so don’t bother remembering her.” because you are obviously the most important. I love you very much and I hope you have the best holiday. xoxo

Nina N: We’re snapchatting right now about how your nostrils are heart-shaped and I miss your nostrils. Remember that time I just got my L-shaped desk and you got your head stuck in that little shelf-space? I am laughing so much right now. I think you’re one of my only friends that I don’t see often (once every few weeks) but talk to everyday. Our struggles together, our skype calls, our all nighters, everything. I remember how it’ll be 3AM and I wouldn’t be done with homework yet but you’d offer to stay up with me till I’m done just to keep me company…even though we wouldn’t be talking. That is true commitment. I’m grateful to have a friend of so long that can relate to all my weird “are we viet or american”, “what does this mean in viet”, “how do I spell…”, and what not problems. I can’t wait till we grow up and live together so we can be even closer and help each other with god knows what. You’re my complete opposite and balance me out in every single way. I love you and I’ll be seeing you soon best friend. ❤

Tim R: You have no idea how difficult it was to not write “Timtam R” or “Timmy R”. We’ve known each other for 37 weeks and have met twice for no longer than 15 minutes at a time, yet you’re somehow my best friend. I never thought I’d meet someone so cool from math team and that a simple “hey can I have your number” would lead to our incredible friendship. Thank you for listening to my random outbursts and keeping me company in awkward situations. I love your methodical thinking and think you’re the most perfect person ever. You’re my go-to person when I just want to talk because our conversations flow so nicely. It’s like we’ll never run out of things to say even if we’re talking about how you like cinnamon raisin bagels (or was it toast…?) for breakfast and youtubing. I hope we can meet up again. I miss you buttercup. ❤

Alex G: Hello hello! Long time no speak friend. I hope you’re well and I hope college is well too. I miss you so much. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. I think our way of meeting is my favorite of everyone I’ve ever met. They say the best rewards in life have the longest journeys. Though the journey was no longer than a few days, I think your friendship is the greatest thing I could ever obtain. I’m grateful for your love and smile. Goodness, your smile is just to die for. I hope I can see it again in person someday soon because I miss you so much best friend. Give me a call sometime. xoxo

Jimmy M: I really wanted to write “Jimbo” or “JimJim” instead of Jimmy for you but I don’t want to irk you too much. Haha. I hope Williams is fun because I see all of your pictures and it looks like a hooot. Though our conversations are rare, I value each and every one of them so much. You always have so much advice and love to give and I am so grateful for all of it. Thanks for taking me under your wing and always being here for me when I need you. You reached out to me when I was in one of my darkest hours and I am so grateful for you. I hope you’re well friend. ❤

Valentina A: Hola chica! I had the idea of writing all of this in Spanish but we all know that would be a horrible idea. Haha. Gracias for always offering a smile and a bit of love. It’s been a long friendship between us and though we’ve never been super super close through it, we’ve always been friends. You’ve always stood supportive beside me and I am so grateful that I have you if I ever need you. There’s a Spanish saying that reminds me of you, “El mejor regalo que haya podido recibir provino de Dios…nuestra amistad.” Te amo mucho, gracias por ser mi amiga. ❤

Mari P: Remember how we’ve been friends since like 3rd grade but you remember nothing from elementary school? Because I still remember your chubby cheeks and awkward gestures and brilliant smile that wasn’t hindered by anything. I remember we played lava around the playground and pretended the slide was a deathtrap. Now you’re all grown up with cheekbones that are comparable to Coco Rocha and eyelashes that can’t be curled or they’ll stab your eyebrow. Sometimes you have the silliest and most oblivious thoughts (“Why do they make sweatshirts if people are going to sweat in them?”) but sometimes you are absolutely brilliant as well. We suffer through Spanish class together and struggle to understand each other’s broken Spanish charade. It’s okay though because at least we both suffer through it. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your gratitude, especially when I most need it. (Throwback to crying in the bathroom) Have a lovely holiday season girlie. ❤

Kyle D: Oh Kyle how I miss you so much. Our CONA love is so real and I love you beyond. I miss your sassy ugh and cute bowties and our Google Hangouts. Before school started, we were literally inseparable and now we hardly talk. I haven’t forgotten about my favorite PO, don’t worry. I’m always thinking of you and your KJP obsession. Please call soon, I need to hear your voice and see your smile because boy do I miss you. Your genuine “I’m not dealing with you” attitude and you sweet smile and your silly faces are the reason the Earth is still spinning. Call me soon please. ❤ Have a wonderful holiday season because you deserve the best ever.

Kyle H: HI CUPCAKE. PLEASE VISIT ME NOW. Oh but Kyle how do I even write this to you if I’m so so so grateful for your existence? Bless your whole being and existence. From dancing to Frozen’s Let It Go (which I now can’t stand to listen) to talking on the phone till 5am to lost packages in the mail to even sending Granpapa Bill a happy birthday note, you are my favorite. I love you so much and am so grateful that we met (even if it was last minute). I also partially hate you because now I’m 80% Red. But I love you even more for showing me the love of God. I think God was working his magic when he crossed our paths because I couldn’t be more grateful for you. Thank you for sending me sermons and preaches and philosophic essays and weird theories and all this other crazy stuff to cheer me up when I’m down. I don’t know how any of it works or why you even have any of it prepared but I’m grateful either way. I hope you have the best season ever and am sending you love and hugs from Boston. Love you cupcake xoxo

Noah R: Hello hello my love. We’re talking now and you’re telling me about your dream of going to Spain without luggage. Noah, you live music. You are the embodiment of music and rhythm. Every time I ask you about your day or how you are, it always somehow comes back to choir or band class. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were a musician from the Beatles era. Heck, you might as well be. But lovebug, thank you for showing me passion. I think seeing you throw yourself completely and wholeheartedly into music is my favorite thing ever. I hope I can find a passion that is as soul-enriching as you have with music. Also, thank you for being such a wonderful being. You cheer me up constantly and are always putting a smile on my face. I love you so so so so very much best friend. ❤ I hope you have the best holiday.

Jack C: I only saw you recently and though I wrote you and Handong a combined “appreciation post”, I could have totally written two separate ones that were each double the length of that original post. Jack, when I say you’re the greatest leader I’ve ever met, I mean it. You’re kind and genuine and sincere, but you’re also strong-willed, determined, and firm. (When I say firm I don’t mean like firm tofu but yknow iron-fist firm?) When you said you were applying to West Point and wouldn’t come to CONA if you were accepted, I weighed the two possible futures to come: see you at CONA and then again at Harvard for 4 years or not see you at CONA or for another (at least) 5-10 years if you go to West Point. Even if I won’t see you for the rest of eternity, I would still be happy for you at West Point. I’ll be cheering you on from Boston in all of your future endeavors and successes. Chase your dreams, have fun, and then come back to Boston for some hot pot. ❤ Be well, be safe, and have a lovely holiday.

Mabel D: Girl I am so so so sorry I missed you when you were at Harvard. I’ll make up for it, I promise. But besides that, I can’t believe I know someone like you. You’re a queen, seriously! Though we didn’t talk much at CONA, we were super close before and after Blue Ridge. You’re so bubbly and quirky and beautiful, I miss you so much. If anything, I think I’m most grateful for your voice. Not only it is super soothing, but whenever Andreas/Matt/Kyle/Muntaha/Gabe/everyone in the Google Hangout was talking or arguing, your soft voice would come through to mediate all of it. Mabel, you’re destined for such great things to come. I hope I can see you soon because I certainly do miss you so much. Have a great Thanksgiving sweet pea!

Kathleen S: LET’S APPRECIATE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU. My big sister from Pennsylvania that is the DEFINITION of love. Girl, you are so enthusiastic and sincere, I love it. You have the brightest smile and are so so so lovable. Remember that time you made an acrostic poem of my name? Because I do (and have it saved) and I cry every time I read it. How did I stumble on the world’s greatest person?? Thank you for being such a wonderful big sister and such a beautiful person. I hope you have the best holiday because you are the best person I know. ❤ I’ll make you fudgey brownies soon sis!

Jiin C: Unnnnnnnnniiiiiie! I love you. I mean, saranghae. Because you are so wonderful. Thank you for introducing me to kpop back in 7th grade (shout out to our 2pm wife days). Though I seldom listen to kpop these days, I still watch an occasional drama here and there. Thank you for being the coolest unnie ever and being the logical side of me when I am obviously, not at alll logical. I know I frustrate you sometimes but I love you so much and I am here for you whenever you need it. I hope you come have Thanksgiving dinner with me because I love you so much. (P.S. I know school stresses you out a ton, but 고생 끝에 낙이 온다. Unnie fiighting~!) (P.P.S. me trying to use Korean is so painful HAHAHAHA <3)

James M: I am so happy I saw you yesterday but it feels like it’s been ages since then as well. Thank you for letting me sleep on your shoulder on the plane home and also thank you for letting me lean on your when I was falling. I remember you reached out to me when I had fallen and held a hand out. I was reluctant to take it because I was so embarrassed you saw such a dark side of me, but you simply smiled and told me that everything would be okay. Thank you for standing strong and magically appearing when I need you. I’m always here for you (especially if you need help with math haha). I miss you and your Jeremy Scott teddy bear shoes. I hope I see them and you soon for a night out. Have a lovely Thanksgiving sweetpea. ^^

Matt T: We’ve known each other for such a short time but hey I’m grateful for you too. I remember when you were a few years younger and always writing about love and cars and now you’ve moved on from since. Goodness, little Matt has certainly grown up. I wish I had more to write about but again, we’ve kinda just met. Though despite that, I’m grateful I have such a cool Canadian friend to look forward to meeting. ❤ Canada’s Thanksgiving already passed so have a nice holiday leading up to Christmas then love. xoxo

David L: Oh how I’m so grateful for my drum-loving, 6’4 (I think?), strawberry blonde, engineering boy. You’re such a goof and I miss you so much David. I’m sad that we never met in person and that I lucked out on a hug with you but I’m so happy I messaged you that one day out of nowhere. The Christmas card you sent me is hanging on my desk and I read it probably everyday to remind me that there are more important things in life and what is important shouldn’t stress me out. I’m thinking of that time we were on a Google Hangout and you were strumming your guitar to scare me. I thought it was a ghost playing the piano and was so worried. Haha you’re such a goose. I hope speed school isn’t killing you too much because I do need you to visit me soon. We can eat everything in sight and have this weird thing called a “cronut” (donut – croissant hybrid) because I know you’d love that. I hope you have the best holiday season darling. ❤

Sterling W: Honestly, I have never met anyone that I look up to more than you. But I’ve also never met anyone that infuriates me as much as you. From the first time we talked, to all the times I broke down through text messages at 3am, to listening to your plans to take over the world (through your inventions and successes), to just hearing your frustrations about school. I feel like we’ve had such a long friendship but we’ve known each other for a little over a year. You’re the first friend I had to fly to visit but it was so much fun and totally worth it. Sterling, you are totally the biggest inspiration ever. You’re brutally honest, beyond determined, stubborn, driven, always improving yourself, always striving for more, always just doing you. I don’t think you’re ever not hungry for more because you know you can squeeze more out of life. I can’t wait till Walden Corp or whatever you’ll call it becomes an actual thing because we all know you’re going to succeed so hard. Give yourself a break and enjoy this holiday season. xoxo

Connie L: I think you’re the only person on this planet that enjoys chemistry. I swear it’s true. But girl, I love your radiant smile and uplifting attitude. You’re positive and loving (always), and smiley too. It’s been a while since we’ve talked but I want you to know that I am so grateful to have your upbeat mood and optimistic persona around me. Though not physically, but through messages and texts. I always see your facebook photos and events going on and it’s so nice to see you smiling everywhere. Sending you much love and warmth from back home, have a cozy holiday love xoxo

Andreas E: HELLO THERE YOU HOT PIECE OF FRIEND. Hehe I miss you much Andreas. I remember you tried to get me to call you Andraydray and that will never stick. Ever. But I love you so much. Oh, you don’t even know. Thanks to you, I didn’t have to run around the mountain in heels. But also thanks to you, I look at the world much more carefully. In one of our late night conversations, you told me that I shouldn’t ever take to heart what people say but smile and just be happy. You’re always goofy and childishly happy and it’s so refreshing to see you joking around. I hope AU is treating you well, but we all know GWU is best. (; love you lots. Visit me soon please. Or call me. I need to tell you how much your letter made me cry and how I cried when I couldn’t find it (I still can’t, where did I put it?!). Your kind words and love touched my heart and so I must show you how much I love you. So visit me please, but till then, have a wondrous time with your family. xoxo

Raekwon W: I met a kid named “Raykwan” yesterday and we can tell already, he’s going to never succeed you. Not because he’s not good enough (he’s destined for greatness, I know it), but because Raekwon, you’re so amazing. From our close chit chats and super long skype calls, to our snapchats, and your prom stories, I miss it all. Thank you for your giggles because they make me smile and are so infectious. You show me that even the smallest day-to-day things hold the greatest joys and that success isn’t far off from hard work. I hope you’re well and having fun in college. Have a lovely Thanksgiving lovebug! ❤

Misa H: lol hi. I’m only writing this because you’d probably complain if I didn’t. But I’m actually grateful to have you because you’re my favorite cousin, despite how you can’t write an essay for your life. It’s okay though, you got me. But also I love you and I miss you. We have the strangest memories and best experiences because yknow cousins. Our family is crazy and I think of you whenever something crazy happens because only you’d get that it’s not that strange since our family is off the walls odd. I miss you a ton and I’ll try to visit soon. xoxo

Duncan E: You’re a turd but you’re pretty cool so I’m even grateful for you because sometimes you make me smile. Sometimes. I hope we can meet up soon but until then, enjoy Thanksgiving in the Caribbean you goon. xoxo

Steven/Nam T: Nam you’re stupid. Just kidding, I love you very much Mr.Burnt Cookie. I miss you and your bacon loving smile. Whenever I eat hot pot, I think of that time we ate over 3lbs of meat, crawled up to my room, and then complained about how much we ate. I don’t think you’ve ever had a week of having to complain about how full you are because there’s just so much good food. Come back soon and we can make even more bacon. Lacthu misses you as well, I think. Thank you for always arguing with me and always being the best. I miss you so much so please do visit soon. I hope you and your dad have the best thanksgiving. xoxo

Maria F: You are the awesomest person ever and so I hope you know that I love you. It’s funny how we initially bonded over a negative topic but hey, we’re friends now. You’re so quirky and yourself that I wish I was more like you. You aren’t scared to wear what you like and say what you think and think how you want because you’re the ultimate being. Like Maria the Superhero should be a thing. I love you and look up to you so much and am rooting for your success in every way girl. I’m so grateful to have grown closer to you this year as you’re literally my favorite person ever. Thank you for always standing up for me and being the leader to never let any bullsh*t slip unnoticed. Keep being awesome possum and have a lovely Thanksgiving. xoxo

Ernesto W: Hola mi amigo! I don’t think they celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico but hey, come up to Boston and celebrate with me! Thank you so much for helping me with my Spanish and just being a solid friend all the time. I hope our friendship blossoms even more and we get to meet someday. Maybe we’ll meet at another p2p summit haha. We can only hope! Much love to you for being the hardest partier and coolest Mexicano I know. Te amo mucho y siempre olvida que “cada quien con su cada cual”. Together, we are better so I hope we never stop being friends! ❤

Jesse N: Oh mah gawwwwwwd. It’s funny how last year, we spoke maybe 3 sentences to each other and yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking about how *stupid* I was to not get to know you even more! Though we’re still new friends and we have a long friendship ahead of us, know that I will always love and support you to the very end. And even though you’re going off to college next year, I’m going to try and hold onto you as long as possible because they say that you should never let your eyes wander from the jewels you hold in your hand. I’m grateful I have an opportunity to get to know you and become even better friends. ❤ Have a lovely Thanksgiving filled with love, family, and fun. (Also, don’t work too hard!!)

Deen H: Seriously just read your post from before all over again because I’m about to regurgitate how much I love you. Thank you for being by my side literally 24/7 and accompanying me to my gala and just being the best goofball ever. You’re so kind and so full of love that I can’t even express it. You’re also hilarious and you need to let go of your fantasy football problem. It was fantasy football you goose. But thank you for existing and for protecting me from getting hurt and just being wonderful. ❤ Have a lovely Thanksgiving hun.

Jake M: You’re the best semi date a girl could ask for and the greatest gentleman I could be honored to know. You’re hilarious, funny, sweet, and just always so kind. I wish we had classes together but I hardly even see you these days. I’m still so grateful to have spent last year with you and been by your side to laugh. Jake, you’re great and special and so wonderful. I love you and your always red hands and lovable smile and kind of nervous/kind of excited smile you have when you don’t know what’s going on. You’re such a goose and so silly but I love you so much. Let’s grab dinner soon ❤ Have a great Thanksgiving okay? ❤ ❤ ❤

Damien C: You might be my favorite person to ever grace this Earth. Maybe. You’re so so so open and so honest but also so sweet and kind that you make the bestest combination ever. Thank you for keeping me company last year and growing to be such a great friend because you’re so wonderful. I remember making you food literally just to see you smile because you went into candy comas and were just so happy. Thank you for looking out for me from all those guys and always knocking some sense into me. Thank you for protecting me when you could and supporting me by helping me hand out candy (even though that’s not really your thing). Though they’re small details of last year, they all add up to show that you are the greatest and most caring friend I could ask for. I hope you have the bestest holiday and I promise I’ll make you something yummy soon. ^^

Josh N: Though we’ve only known each other for a little while, you’re the coolest friend ever. I’m grateful I have you in case I need you to beat someone up or taze someone. Seriously, I think we should conduct a science experiment, rig a taser, and see how much damage can be done to a steak. Though you’re probably right that it’s not possible to cook a steak via tazing, I’m willing to try and prove you wrong. Hahaha. But really, I’m grateful I have you to protect me and keep me cool for whenever I lose my cool and need to scream. ❤ I hope your recent trip home was fulfilling and that it’s not too lonely up in your isolated town. Shoot me a text if you’re ever bored because I miss you! Happy holiday love xoxo

Guys looks like that will be it for the night since I’m at 4389 words as of now. I’m so grateful for everyone in my life and there are hundreds of more people to thank but here are just a few that came to mind. I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving and a wonderful day. Much love to all of you xoxo



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