Today started off okay and went downhill very quickly. I’m not sure why or how, but during dinner, I was irritated. As the meal continued, my anger and irritation pent up and I was consumed with hatred and bigakjsc I don’t even know. My mom took a sip of my glass and I was so furious. It’s probably the greatest pet peeve of mine when people steal my drinking glass. Instead of blowing up, I put my chopsticks and bowl down, left the table, and went up to my room.

I was so angry and I’m not even sure why. I think I’m kind of off-my-rocker crazy. Either way, thank the Lord for blessing me, because my cousin called me in that moment. She asked if I wanted to go shopping and though it was late at night (7pm-ish), I was apprehensive. I explained to her the meltdown I just had and she decided that I needed some time to breathe. Thank goodness I went with her because just that time out of the house was the best de-breifing ever.

My friend Toska works at the mall and so after she finished her shift, she decided to come over my house. It was either come home with me or take the bus home at 10:30pm. Which honestly scared me because public transportation late at night for a young teen girl screams danger. Her parents would usually pick her up but they’re at an event or something like that. Anyways, Toska came home with me.

We had fries, wings, and all this other junk food and caught up on each other. We haven’t hung out in a while so it felt *amazing* to have some one-on-one time with my best friend. I introduced her to Noah, another very very close friend of mine. We all talked and laughed and though often it was me and Toska reminiscing and Noah patiently listening on, I like to think we’d all have a smashing time if he were able to hang out with us in person.

It’s 2:20 AM and Toska is sleeping on the recliner in front of me. Noah is sleeping too. I’m blogging in the dark. I just wanted to jot this night down because I had such a good time. Such a wonderful and amazing time. I’m really content spending time with my friends like this, even if it’s just sitting in the dining room talking about how to pronounce “soprano” or eating chocolate cake or talking about how we forget we know things. Silly small details like that, they make you remember how precious a relationship with someone can be.

I don’t know guys, I’m just content right now. It’s late so I might as well sleep. But tonight is a night I want to remember. Just because I don’t think I’ve been this content in a while and if I have been, I forget it really easily.



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