New Drink Alert!: Thai Chai Tea Soy?! What?

Hello hello! I haven’t done a food related post since the ajvar post, so here’s my recent discovery of a creamy warm and delicious chai tea latte egg nog soy milk thing?? It has the richness and creaminess of a good Thai Tea drink, but the warmth and energy boosting components of a chai. It’s so delicious.

Steep about a tablespoon of Teavana’s “Samurai Chai Mate Tea” with about half a cup of water. You’ll get a nice amber color. After steeping for 5-10 minutes, add sugar to your liking and a splash of half-and-half (or any milk-substitute). And there you go!! It’s so delicious and so perfect. It tastes like a warm, cinnamonny, spice-enriched, egg nog, type of latte. I hate eggnog (sorry not sorry!) but this is just too good. I will definitely be drinking this instead of eggnog and hot chocolate this holiday season!

Teavana’s teas are my absolute favorite. For those of you that don’t have Teavana, it’s a chain of stores that sell all different kinds of fresh and affordably priced loose leaf tea leaves and all the little accessories you need to go with it. The workers at my local Teavana (Burlington Simons Mall, MA, USA) are so very kind and helpful. It’s a very earthy, organic atmosphere and everyone is so kind. This time I got the Samurai Chai Mate Tea for about $6 for 2 oz. Great price, right?

Anyways, yall should order this tea and try it out! It’s such a great idea!!

Fun tip, if you need to steep your leaves but don’t have a proper loose leaf tea cage, take a square of a napkin, put it inside your cup with the edges hanging out, and put your leaves into that. Pour your water into the middle, steep it, and then just gather the edges, squeeze the excess water out, and you’re good to go!


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