I Have This Theory About Your Soul…

I’m back with another theory wee! This is one that I’ve had for over a year now. It stemmed from a post-P2P 2013: Tech Summit at Stanford conversation with my friend Cole. Cole, may I add, is the greatest nerd of all time and can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. But Cole said that he has this idea that in life, we meet so many people. Each time you meet someone, you take a piece of their soul and they take a piece of yours. I’ve thought about it so much since, and so this is my build up on top of that. No matter what I add to it though, the original credit will always go to Cole from Texas.

So the basics of the theory is that you have a soul. You meet someone, you give them your piece and they give you their piece. Before you know it you have a relationship with this person and the bigger the relationship, the bigger the piece you give. Think of it like your soul as a mosaic. At the end of life, we have this beautiful and giant stained-glass mosaic of our souls. All the knowledge and information and stories and relationships that we’ve collected through our life are displayed in this hypothetical mosaic but actually displayed through our personality and being.

Every time you make an impression on someone, whether it be a small glace or smile as you pass by in the street, or a heart-to-heart conversation with a stranger, or just hanging out with your best friend – you swap pieces of your soul. In a similar way, I guess this is where that phrase about how you can judge a person based on who they hang out with comes from. These pieces that you soul-swap become you. The humour you hadn’t known you had until your 4th grade English teacher taught you irony, that is passed on from her to you to now your friends. So all the influences and people around you make up you.

That makes sense right? I’ve had a lot of time to develop and think about this but in the end, it’s really as simple as that. So soul-swap carefully yall. You don’t want to influence someone the wrong way and when you take a piece of someone, decide carefully what to do with it. Especially if it’s a negative piece. Turn it into good with love and compassion and your soul will be the most vibrant and colorful piece of art to ever adorn the Earth.



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