I was folding laundry today…

So this is a funnier moment of my life, but also embarrassing moment…so feel free to laugh away.
Anyways, I was folding laundry with my cousin today right. While I was folding laundry, my brother’s sweatpants fell into my hands. I thought it’d be funny to put them on, so I did. Giggling heinously, I broke into a thunderous roar when I discovered, they fit me!!! Keep in mind my brother is a giant, bear like man and 6 years my senior. I’m a thin looking 5’4 clutz.
He got SO mad and kept telling me to take them off but I was like “NAAAAHHH BRUH”. Then I did the same to his jeand and my mom was SO flabbergasted. How could this beeeee? I have no clue.

Hehe this is where it gets even better. As the only male in the household (bless his soul for dealing with 4 females on the dilly dally). So I was folding his underwear. You know how men’s panties (breifs? Boxers? Yo no sé, it’s all the same to me.) Have like an insert or flap thing in front? I asked my brother what it was for, or rather shouted it across the house. :mrgreen: He was rather embarrassed and before he could manage to stumble out words, my mom said it’s to keep your keys in. She thought I meant the small pocket inside some pairs of pants.

I LAUGHED SO HARD. YALL DONT EVEN KNOW. Have a great day yall. Hope this makes you guys smile 😂😂😂


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