Therapy “Evaluation”

I started again today. It’s weird to say that I need a therapist. But actually, the way to look at it is not “wow I need a therapist, I’m so messed up”, it’s “good job Nam, it’s never wrong to reach out for help”.

But it went well. She asked me all the standard questions like if I’m involved in a gang, if I am an alcoholic, if I do drugs, if I’ve ever had a child…..hehehe these are the ones that stood out most. I said no to all of them of course, but I was tempted to say I was involved with the local gang of my predominantly upper-middle class suburban town and was training to be the next ganglord when I turn 16 and drop out. Hehehehe

Anyways. I’m looking forward to this new chapter of life. 🙂


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