David the BFG (Big Friendly Giant)

We all know Roald Dahl’s books, especially The BFG. If you’ve read any of Dahl’s books, you know that he’s magical. So magical, that he probably was a 20th century time traveler. Yup. I said it. The man is beautiful and majestic and a time traveler. Example, he wrote the BFG about my best friend. YAH. I KNOW. COOL, RIGHT?

I can even prove it. The BFG is 24 ft tall. David is 6 foot something. The BFG is “three times as tall as an ordinary man”. David is two times as tall as me. The BFG is the kindest giant of all in all of Giant Country. David is the kindest human of all of Kentucky. The BFG survives on a diet of snozzcumbers and frobscottle. David survives on coffee mixed with monster and anything he can put in his mouth. The BFG speaks gobblefunk. David speaks English.


I just googled dogs playing with hamsters and OHMY EVERYONE DO IT.

Yes I just got very distracted, judge me. But David is essentially the BFG. I met him back in 2013 at People to People’s Leadership Summit: Technology edition at Stanford. Well. Kind of. I mean, that’s the only time I’ve ever seen him in the flesh. Obviously we hit it off instantly and have been best friends since. Just kidding!

I actually never even spoke to David at Stanford. I saw him around (he’s not hard to miss, he’s 6’4-ish) and talked to a few people he hung out with during the time but never actually spoke to David himself. Actually this one time during breakfast, apparently David said something funny to make the whole table laugh and I went over to say hi and make friends but I came after they finished laughing, and so it was really awkward. This is the one time we spoke, kind of. I know, awkward.

Then somehow, I don’t really remember it actually, but I added David on facebook. We started chatting about our experience and how much we missed it and got suuuuper deep. So deep that you can’t even see us deep. I know, deep-deep-deeeep.

After that, we became best friends! Turns out David is super smart (engineering major aka death major aka genius), super musically inclined, and super funny. Not only is he an amazing friend, but he’s such a role model. Everyone at Stanford was cool in their own way and I am so so so grateful that I added David on facebook, else I would have missed out on this amazing friendship.

One time we were video chatting and I made him play me the banjo (I seriously love David’s banjo), we were talking and David was in his basement and it was dark, and he was eerily strumming his banjo and I had no idea and I was so scared and I thought it sounded like a piano and I was getting freaked out BUT IT WAS JUST HIS DANG BANJO. (Actually now that I think about it, it might have been his guitar…)

Anyways, David is such a role model. He’s so so so so very passionate and so hardworking. But he’s not boring! Quite the contrary, he’s really childish. But in a good way childish. He has a young heart and fortunately, I don’t think any amount of speed school or responsibility can make him grow up. Which is good! It’s fantastic! He’s always going to be lighthearted and fun and loving and pure and just wonderful.

Sometimes David tells me he wonders how much happier he’d be if he pursued music full time because speed school is such a poo. I think when he told me about that he was just stressed and in a rut. I’m always here to support him, but as Michelle Tanner says…

The only horrible thing about him is that David is always always always busy. Which I get, I mean, he’s a student with a hobby. It’s nice though that even though he’s always jam packed with crazy activities and life and all that, he still occasionally makes time for lil ol’ me. I think the best way to describe him to anyone that hasn’t already met him, he is the picture-perfect small town Southern/Midwestern down-to-earth guy with a big heart and big dreams and a ton of potential. He’s really just a sweet one. ❤

I just wanted mention that I love David. I hope I can meet him again someday because he is a dreaaam. So sweet, so kind, so loving, so everything a person should be. If y’all like some classic rock and drumming and all that good music love – follow him on Instagram! hehe ❤

p.s. When David hits it big time, we’re going to go to California and marry rich and be gold diggers and buy ourselves fancy technology gadgets and doodahhs.

p.p.s not really, but still.