A Single Glance

Last night, as I was crossing the parking lot after an overdue CVS haul, there was a van to transport old people or something along the lines of that. Anyways, as I stepped onto the black asphalt and looked past the van, I briefly made eye contact with a man in the van.

We held eye contact for no more than a fraction of a second, but a lot of emotion was relayed in that single glance. He was an older gentleman and he looked, well to put it as I saw it, tired. He had bags under his eyes and this wide-doed look. In that single glance though, I saw his disdain. He felt inadequate, ashamed, embarrassed. He looked away as quickly as I looked past him. His shoulders hung and his head slightly hunched forward, he felt shameful.

I could totally be wrong because again, it was only a mere glance. But I understand his embarrassment. As we get holder, the amount of help we need seems to be neverending. It’s okay to receive help too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. But it is a bit embarrassing. I don’t know why it is. Maybe because at once, you were so strong and could do anything. Maybe because human pride is the darnest thing I’ve ever come across. Maybe because you’re just stubborn.

I felt bad for this man. I just wanted to send him a smile and let him know something like hey, you’re still as cool as the other side of the pillow when you flip it. Is that a weird analogy? Who cares, shoot me. I mean, I totally would have told him he’s cooler than a chinchilla (I love chinchillas) but I was crossing the street into the parking lot, so I wasn’t to keen on being run over.

I’ll never know if my inference was right though, and I’m hoping I’m being too perspective with what I think I saw. But your eyes cannot lie, they are after all, the windows to your soul and the opening to your heart. (Yeah, I just made it super cheesy, judge away!)

I just wanted to jot that little bit down.