Appreciation Post: Timtam 💕

hehe I finally learned how to use emoji’s on my keyboard! Woo! Here’s another appreciation post about someone very very special to me in honor of a math meet I had today.

I met this friend at a math meet my sophomore year and I was talking with his team when someone dared him to ask for my number. We exchanged snapchats too and before we knew it, we were talking and snapchatting everyday! As of now, it’s been 44 weeks since we’ve known each other and we hardly go more than a day or two without talking. Don’t ask me how I know how many weeks it’s been, it’s Instagram okay, I’m not weird and stalkerish.

I wish I had crazy memories to tell you guys as examples of how cute and awesome are friendship is, but truth be told, we’ve only met twice and both times were very brief. The first time was at math team (obviously). The second time was at my 16th birthday. I badgered him about it forever and last minute, he had to work that day! But Timtam, being the kindest person ever, held true to his word and came to my birthday last minute for maybe 20 minutes at like 10pm. It was funny really.

I was so so so nervous because I hadn’t seen him in so long and we had talked all this time and grown super close, that when I actually saw him in person, I didn’t know what to say! It was okay though. Our conversation was small and we just rambled on about small things that I don’t even remember…but it’s the fact that he drove 25 minutes over to see me for what 15-20 minute that reaaally counts. If that doesn’t show how great Timtam is, I’ll try to explain more. But, really, he’s great.

The cool thing about having a friend that is close enough that meeting is a possibility, but far enough that you practically live in different stratospheres is that they have absolutely no preconceived notion of who/what/how you are. So talking to Timtam, it was kind of this natural friendship that existed some time ago and was just picked up where it left off. He’s also very open minded and gentle, which I absolutely love most about him. He’s really good at listening to my weird rants and feigning interest in them too. Haha, what else are friends for?

The downside to living a few towns over is that hanging out is never easy (hence only having met him twice so far). The even worse part is that Tim happens to be a college freshman this year and attends a school out in the middle of nowhere. Oh! Another cool fact is that he’s studying engineering! I’ve always had this immense respect for the trifectas of professions (doctors, lawyers, engineers), but engineers have it cut out for them. Just from hearing how my other friend (David if yall have read my other posts) is reacting to speed school, it sounds like engineering is like voluntary torture. Tim never ever ever complains though. He loves tinkering, design, and math.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that. There are people who love math in the world. My best friend is one of them. It’s not even like he likes doing math, he loves it. Or at least loves it enough to pursue it in higher education. CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW BADASS THAT IS?! 

This is Timtam & Me in math class. Can you guess which gif corresponds to which one of us?

(Hint: Math hurts my brain.)

All jokes aside though, Timtam is actually an incredible person. He’s so so so very compassionate, loving, funny, smart, diligent, and stunning. He wears his heart on his sleeve and has no shame in it at all. Which is how the world should be I think. Be passionate, be loving, be daring, be courteous, be you.


“I don’t think that boat is being used anytime soon! Beautiful sunset over Pillings Pond.”
“Another beautiful sunset at Yellowstone National Park.”

His work is amazing and all of you should check out his stuff. It’s absolutely breathtaking and captures the innocence in beauty and his passion really does shine through in all of his work. Here’s a video he did for a summer videography/photography contest. Super beautiful and I love it so much.


Timtam’s Youtube & Facebook Page

Tim Tams are Aussie choco covered biscuit cookies and are DELICIOUS.

I didn’t explain this earlier in the post and I’m too lazy to edit (judge me), but if you noticed I used “Timtam” and “Tim” interchangeably. I can’t remember how it started but one day, I asked Tim if he’s ever had Timtams. He said no but for some reason, I have called him Timtam ever since. I’m hoping I can convince him to change his legal name to Timtam someday hehe. Imagine how cute that would be.

Again, I wish I had more to say and more stories to explain how perfect Timtam is, but we don’t have many stories together yet. Hopefully we can get together soon and I’ll have more to blog about.