Friends are Important

Another theory I came up with today while I was taking a shower. It seems the best thoughts reveal themselves when you’re being doused with hot water and your eyes are being attacked by suds. Obviously, we all know friends are important. We know that scientifically, social interaction shows a positive correlation with health. But really, how important are friends?

Answer: Extremely.

Humans are social beings. From the start, we’ve lived in groups. We have families that are extensive. Our social systems are interdependent. We run on a community system and that’s just how we are. I need you, just as much as you need me. Being social, having friends, it all contributes to a higher quality of life. Don’t think of this scientifically. Ignore the facts and studies and think about this in a metaphorical/theoretical way.

Actually, read my theory on how all lives are intertwined first. Okay. Good.

In accordance with that, if you spend a lot of time with someone, then you share a bigger chunk of your soul with them. I guess that’s why a lot of times, best friends act similar or why some couples act/think/look alike. But obviously, you’re going to be influenced by those around you. In many different ways. Good influences, you’ll take to heart. Bad influences, you’ll try to reject. However, it’s hard to reject a piece of you that already is.

So you have your friends, they try to help you absorb that piece into your glass pane (aka your soul) and repaint it to a different color. That’s what acceptance is. Say someone died, ie your dad. That event will turn a piece of you dark. Your friends, your family, and the people around you help you brighten up your life again. They help you accept that changed piece and help you morph it into love.

Friends will help you change pieces of you that you don’t like. Because everyone you meet influences you in one way or another, it takes courage, strength, and love to make sure you take the best of each influence. Now move to the social aspect of how important friends are. Often times, I feel overwhelmed with, well, everything. Classes, prom dresses, social pressure, college, athletics, health, physical image, all of it is so heavy on my shoulders. I’m not going to sugarcoat it either, when I’m overwhelmed, I cry. A lot.

It seems like being overwhelmed throws me into a tunnel with only a speck of light to guide me to normality again. But when you’re with friends, it’s like a magic hand that reaches down to your side and just pulls you into a magical land of love, kindness, and reality. Reality that the situation at hand is only temporary and that none of the things going on now will affect your long term goals.

I don’t even know if this is a theory or a ramble anymore, but friends are so important. They serve as the Universe’s set of hands. They’ll guide you to where you need to go or need to be. They’ll remind you of the reality of the situation. They’ll always already have a hand out and a foot forward – even when you’re 4 steps in the middle of nowhere.


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