Music Brings People Together, Seriously!

That’s actually me right now at 1:30 AM. You don’t even UNDERSTAND.

This is a crazy story and I absolutely have to blog about all of this. Because honestly, I’m in such disbelief and awe right now. Just. I’m screaming. 

So back in 2011, I would browse Youtube for music all the time. I mean, I still do, but yknow back in ’11, fetus Nam still loved Youtube. I was subscribed to this guy named Kevin (fortleemusic) and I was totally in love with him. Not only were his mixes/songs really cool but I mean cute boy. He’s way older than me though so you know your home girl had no chances. LOL Anyways, he shared this song one time or something along the lines of that and I loved it. That song was “Another Day” by Jae Jin ft J.Han & C.Note“.

That song was like the soundtrack of my life. Yall don’t even know. I would listen to it when I was doing my homework. I would listen to it when I was feeling emotional. I would listen to it when I was frustrated. (So pretty much all the time.) It’s just one of those really powerful inspirational songs.  It starts off with two audio samples: Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture and Billy Graham’s 1957 sermon.

I mean, I never looked into Billy Graham’s sermon too much. But let me tell you about Randy Pausch aka my hero aka the reason I studied so hard in school aka the author of my life morals. Pausch was a Professor at Carnegie Mellon but more importantly, he was a dreamer. I love that. After he died, his last lecture was turned into a book in which is now my life Bible. Not only that, but because of Pausch and his unlimited sky of potential, I developed an unhealthy obsession for Carnegie Mellon University. Since what, 7th grade, I’ve been 110% obsessed with going there. This past summer I went on a college tour and I made my mom drive 13 hours to CMU for me. Turns out, engineering isn’t for me. But the dream remains! Pausch turned that school into his playground. He developed virtual reality and schemed his way into NASA, I love the man. I would have never found him if it wasn’t for the first 20 seconds of this SONG. LITERALLY THIS SONG LINGERED WITH ME FOR *YEARS*.

Not only that, but it did something even greater: started me on a path towards Christianity. It’s pretty heavy on the mentioning of God/Lord. I’ve grown up Buddhist, always have been Buddhist. But I never believed too heavily in religion because it’s failed me in my deepest struggles. I lost faith in any religion or God for that reason. After hearing this song, I didn’t convert or anything, but it planted a little seed in me – maybe there is a God. So you know, this song plopped me on that life journey. Insane right?

Isn’t it cool how music does that? A single song can shape you so much.

Alright so fast forward to present day. I was on Youtube (when am I not) and was listening to this Ed Sheeran cover and just totally in love with it. I tweeted it, facebook’d it, snapchatted it, everything. I think I was so obsessed even that the artist that covered it, Jae Jin, followed me back on Twitter. Turns out Jae is actually really cool and super nice. We talked and I pretty much freaked out because ohmygod am I actually talking to Jae but I don’t think it showed too much. (Actually, it probably did, but to save face, I’m going to lie to myself that he didn’t notice.)

I never made the connection that Jae was also the artist behind Another Day. I only figured out now when the song popped back up on his soundcloud and I died.

So I did what every other person would do and shot him a message, SCREAMING, because OMG, and just SCREAMING. What a small world!!! Who knew this super cool and inspiring artist I had connected with through Twitter, is also the singer behind the SOUNDTRACK of my teenage angst?! It’s such a small world. I AM NO LONGER ABLE. Just. Gah.

You guys should all check out Jae’s Music and Social Networks! He’s like a magical little fairy, not even kidding.

p.s. Jae, if you’re reading this, I’m still screaming.


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