Don’t forget to say “I love you”!

If you’ve talked to me at all, you know that I throw around “I love you” like nothing. You might think I’m desensitized to love and it’s lost its meaning to me, but quite the contrary. I know love and love is great; I love love. Love is like the essence of everything to ever exist. I tell everyone I love them because it’s important to me.

Love is so powerful. It can bring families together (marriage) or tear families apart, it can bring empires to war (Helen of Troy anyone?) or unite great kingdoms. Love is great. It’s wonderful. It’s like the one bond that never breaks. Parents love you even though you wreck their cars and they have to wipe your bum when you poo in a diaper. Siblings love you even when you annoy them and they want to strangle you. Friends love you even after – well, friends do a lot together.

So tell the people around you that you love them. Let them know they’re appreciated and that you absolutely love them. My mom gets a bit annoyed with how anytime a friend of mine is mentioned, I automatically go, “Omg I love him/her so much!”. She always retorts with “Of course you do! You love everyone!”

It’s really weird. I’ve grown up to adopt this mindset that love should be shared and voiced. In Asian cultures, it’s completely opposite. A lot of my friends say that growing up, telling your mom/dad “I love you” is the most awkward thing ever. It’s not that Asians don’t love their kids, it’s just that love is expressed differently. I show my love by writing appreciation posts, but my mom shows her love by providing for me. That’s just kinda how Asian parents roll. They express their love by putting food on the table and clothing you – things that Americans take advantage of because it’s easily obtainable here. But back in the homeland, it’s much more rustic.

Maybe I say I love you because I can’t yet provide for my family/friends, so that’s how I express love. Maybe I say I love you because I’m just a really bubbly person. Whatever the reason is, I think it’s important. Sometimes it’s really awkward to tell someone you love them so abruptly, but after the awkwardness passes, I kind of just feel better. Like you know that if something happens, you can rest your mind knowing that person knows you love them.

So you know, if you’re reading this, I love you. Just for reading this you get an extra hug because that’s really nice of you to keep up with my blog. xoxo

p.s. Batman kisses for all of you.


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