Theory: Perfect with all your Flaws

I like flaws, makes a person more realistic to me.

So I was talking to Edwin and yknow, deep mushy conversations about our insecurities leads to this little bit of gold.

Flaws make a person more realistic.
Can this be any truer? Perfection doesn’t exist but everyone still goes searching for it. I know there is no such thing as perfection yet I’m still aiming for that nonexistent glory. It’s just such a common word. Everyone uses it daily and so there’s no distinction to its definition now.

So here’s a theory: what if perfection isn’t the lack of existence of flaws, what if perfection is the love in embracing flaws.

Everyone has flaws. For example, I’m too observant, stubborn, and lazy. I also procrastinate and talk a lot. My best friend Nina absolutely sucks at waking up, especially when it’s early in the morning. But besides that, she’s perfect in every way.

I can say she’s perfect though, because after being friends (really, more of sisters) for so long, I’ve learned to love her – even when I have to sit on her to wake her up.

Another example is my lovely best friend Toska. Toska is silly and never makes sense but she’s also very strong, intelligent, and smart. The girl is so savvy too. I’ve learned to love her, especially when she makes no sense.

So being perfect is when you can love someone, whole and whole with all their flaws. That’s why it’s hard to achieve perfection, because it’s hard to learn to fully love yourself and everything about you. You are your biggest enemy, but you don’t have to be! Love yourself and be whole.

Maybe that’s why a lot of relationships/marriages meet their ends. Lots of people rush into those things and fall in love with someone before they’ve fallen in love with themselves. That quite possibly might be the reason why love is such a journey. (New theory?)

Happy Valentine’s day yall! 💘 Love yourself, love your friends, love your family, and go binge on pizza and chocolates! Xoxo

P.S. I don’t mean to rub it in everyone’s faces, but I actually have the most wonderful Valentine ever this year. ❤
(Don’t worry Mom, I still don’t have a boyfriend.)


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