Happy President’s Day!

It’s President’s Day here in the US aka one of my absolute favorite holidays ever. Because I can’t write 43 appreciation posts for all of our Presidents (and because no one cares about Harrison and Chester), here is possibly the greatest appreciation post I can write for my favorite presidents ever: George Washington, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama.

Don’t get me wrong, Eisenhower, Taft, Roosevelt, Truman, and Lincoln are definitely in my favorites as well. But I mean, GW, RR, JFK, and BrObama are my fav men of all time.

George Washington is our first President. The founder of our nation, the father to liberty and love, the guy we completely defied by creating political parties. (Sorry love!) Georgie didn’t even want to be President. He penned to Edward Rutledge (his close friend) that he felt being President was just short of a death sentence and that being President would forego him of all “expectations of private happiness in this world.” Yet he did it because he had a body of people to serve, and when someone turns to you for guidance, you must serve. (But also because Congress had already elected him and he literally had no choice, sorry bro.)

Thanks to GW, we learned the first rule in being President, is leadership. He doubted himself in every which way, let his doubts and fears fester until Congress had certified him as the America’s leader. But he trusted the country, he took a leap of faith. He answered the call of freedom and said with a reluctant “hell yea” to be President. If there is one person, let alone Congress and a thriving country, that believes in you – find reason to believe in yourself too.

I call Ronald Reagan our glue president. He held America together through the Cold War and then some. During his terms, America had some large roles on the global scale (he pretty much restructured the Soviets let’s be real here), but he didn’t forget about our domestic problems. Reagan kept abortion legal (YAY) and maintained a religion-separate-from-state mentality (even more YAY). He even gave more power to state government and restructured power flow. I mean, this man did so much.  He’s so great. I love him so much.

Reagan’s moral for Presidents (and life in general) is to remember to aid others while you can, but to never forget to pull yourself together as well. He did a ton for other countries but he never forgot his domestic goals as President. I can’t even speak enough on Reagan simply because I don’t know everything he had done for the nation, but he sure did a lot – and my words could never do justice for the service he gave us.

J. F. hot damn K. We can all admit it and say the truth, I know, JFK is a total babe. In my AP US history class last year, we called him the sex magnet. We’re only slightly awful but it’s okay because IT IS SO TRUE. Every Kennedy is blessed with charm and devilishly good looks. Besides his good looks though, JFK and Reagan are quite similar. I mean okay, it’s highly debated if JFK was a good president or not because the Cuban Missile Crisis/Bay of Pigs invasion thing, and then the lack of Civil Rights movement, and the Vietnam war thing, and just awful. BUT. BUUUUT. John F Kennedy was a young President that did one thing all the Presidents before him couldn’t do: casually unified America.

Think about it. JFK made the White House Press live broadcast all of his speeches. Jackie brought in painters/writers/singers to chill at the White House and upgrade it. JFK hung out with Marilyn Monroe (maybe too much hehe). They made it seem like hey. we’re not stuck up politicians and better than all of you. We just happen to live in a bigger house. I just love Kennedy so much, he was such an amazing speaker and such a lovely man.

Barack BrObama is so bae, none of you understand. When he won his 2nd term, I screamed and cried SO much my mom threatened to smack some sense into me. I get it, a lot of people hate Obama. However when you think about it, people will judge a president for their first term, but history will remember his second. He’s done a lot during his 2 terms and everyone’s judging him. However he’s not done yet and just you get ready because his veto pen is out and ready to fight.

Obama is the most modern President to date, he’s cool and loving. He partnered up with BuzzFeed for a silly video promoting Healthcare. I mean, I can’t even comment on Obama because he’s just so great. He’s kind and caring and he interacts with out country so often. Thanks to technology, you can literally tweet him. Granted his Twitter account isn’t controlled by him, you never know, it could find a way to him. I’m just really proud of him, he’s such a good guy and I’m just, I love him so much.

Over summer I went to DC and chilled with the Gettysburg Address aka the BEST speech ever.

I love politics, but that doesn’t mean I have great judgement for Presidents. So although you may not agree with these Presidents or see them in a golden light of love, remember that you hardly knew them. They were men greater than us, that made decisions for our nation and tried best to satisfy us all, but in the end had to do the best for us as a whole. It’s hard being President, so just slow clap it out for the men that have. Because it’s a tough dream to chase and even a tougher dream to live out. Bless the Presidents for all they do for us. It’s a tough job filled with scrutiny and decisions and judgement. I’m thankful we have a light in our brightest and darkest times, through everything.

p.s. You should all be jealous because I actually know an upcoming President and his name is Austin Auen. Just yall wait he’ll be a senator or congressman first and then before you know it, AUEN FOR PRESIDENT. I’m calling it right now. February 15, 2015. JUST YOU GUYS WAIT.


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