Be Passionate

I absolutely love when someone is passionate. Nothing is better than seeing someone go off on a rant about something they care about.

My friend Noah breathes music, and I love that. I love how he’s always texting me about Simon & Garfunkel or about singing. I love that he finds himself in the notes we listen to and gets lost in the rhythm we dance to and just absolutely breathes music.

My best friend Kyle lives in a whole opposite world of me in philosophy and Christianity. We’ve spent endless hours on the phone of him just raving about it and as little as I understand, I love listening to him.

Nina loooves drawing. She randomly tells me about how something shaded well or asks for my opinion on colorings or small things and I have absolutely no idea. But even my inexperienced input is valuable to her and she loves drawing so much.

Isn’t it great to be passionate? To be fulfilled by something more you can learn and grow with at your own pace?? It’s wonderful and just breathtaking to see someone completely delve into something. Seeing someone engulf themselves in a hobby or interest is like seeing someone fall in love. You see them grow and blossom as they consume themselves in this new interest. You see their small improvements and goals get checked off. The joy of finally nailing that high E flat or cracking a new theory. It takes my breath away.

It makes me so happy to see my friends happy. So when I see my friends nerding out about a geeky thing, it makes my heart soar. I’m not even kidding. Seeing someone improve and work hard and feel accomplished and learn – it’s so satisfying. Nina just broke a school record (shout out to the bae <3) and I’m forever internally screaming.

So you know what, be passionate in whatever makes you happy. Fall in love with writing or fall in love with carving trinkets out of wood or fall in love with collecting stamps. Whatever it may be, just do it. Dive into a new world, little known to the general public. Follow your soul and be happy, be passionate. Nothing is more beautiful, I promise.

Guys I’m in a really weird mood right now.


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