Don’t forget to smile!

I was going to write another appreciation-like post tonight, but I’m just so tongue-tied. This rarely happens. You guys should know, I’m always rambling on my blog but gosh, when it comes to this specific person, I’m just left without words. (But in the greatest way possible.)

We’re going to call this person B for the time being. B is just so amazing in every way and perfect that (s)he (we’re keeping it 110% anonymous for now) just inspires me in every way. I’ve known B for a while, but we hadn’t gotten close till fairly recent. Which is funny because not only did we grow close, but we’re inseparable now. I’m sure all of my friends are sick of hearing about B too.

Earlier in the night, B shot me a good night text and though I won’t disclose it on the blog, guys, it was so cute. So cute in fact that I was left smiling for a few minutes, dazed that I have had the honour of meeting, befriending, and just absolutely falling in love with. (I think I’ve fallen in love with every great person in my life, it’s such a problem.)

Anyways in that good night text it was just a long list of things I should do/be careful of (e.g. “don’t forget to smile”, “brush behind your ears”, “get lots of sleep”). And you know, nothing shows more love than “be safe” or other small everyday phrases. It’s like sending someone off with a “drive safe”. It shows concern, love, worry, kindness. Wishing someone safety is better than saying “I love you” because it puts their well being before yours.

I mean you don’t have to catch a grenade for someone or jump in front of a train to show your love. That’s silly, don’t endanger yourself you goose. Just a “rest well” or “drive safe” shows far more love than any other everyday gesture. So that’s point one of this post: always show you care with something as simple as “get better soon” or “always choose the freshest milk”.

Part 2 of this post draws back to just how wonderful B is. You guys may have noticed all the private posts on the blog recently and I can smugly confirm that they are mostly about B. But don’t worry, even B hasn’t been able to read them and it’s probably killing her/him. To sum them all up though is to say that I’ve never met anyone so genuinely kind, sarcastic, mushy, and awfully intelligent. Oh and (s)he’s weird too. B is so weird. If only you guys knew. Just. Trust me, B is weird.

This post was just a little 3am tidbit of a thought I wanted to share with all of you. A lot of my recent posts/theories (private and public) have been inspired with B in mind, but I’ve been keeping them discreet. Hopefully I’ll be able to reveal who B is soon, but we’ll see on how things are down the road.

There’s already too much mush in this post for B but just ugh excuse me while I flop around the floor because just ugh. Anyways, just remember that when you smile and think about smiling, it has the same effect of actually smiling. So go ahead and smile a bit or maybe even a smirk if you can.


p.s. best of luck on your driving test, don’t run anyone over, remember to wear your seat belt, and remember from left to right: rest, clutch, break and gas pedal. you got this in the bag!

Best of luck!

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