Star Aligned Lovers?

I honestly couldn’t come up with a quick and clever pun for star-crossed lovers. Star-aligned? Star-uncrossed? Star-straight? They all sound silly.

But star crossed lovers are lovers not meant to be, ie Romeo and Juliet. So the opposite, say it were to be star-aligned lovers, are meant to be. But why? When is love, or anything in the world, meant to be? Let’s think about that.
Kairos is the rhetorical appeal, often forgot, of being in the right place at the right time. There’s no way to simply define it as that. Kairos is when you coincidentally forget your cash at a toll and the guy in front of you decided to pay it forward. It’s great. Some people never experience kairos and some people live a whole life of it. I think my life might be somehow, just somehow, all kairos.

So love or any positive emotion/event to rejoice in is composed of a million and one factors, one of the most important being kairos. The other factors can include all sorts of stuff and usually all love/achievement/emotion is entangled in a network of other people and their events. So being in the right network is important. I’m not saying go hand pluck the top 20 most successful people in life and make a friend group so close that you can’t sit with us at lunch is taken to a whole new level. I’m saying surround yourself with people that will support, care, nurture, and push you.
Love comes in that form too. I know I have a mentor/older brother figure who takes no crappola from me. He pushes me beyond what I think is even possible but look at where we are. Encircle yourself with the company of those that respect you the most because then they’ll see you stumble and align you before you fall.

Next factor is diligence, determination, work ethic. I know, you’re probably like “what does any of this have to do with love, but a lot. Commitment and persistence and consistency are all such important things to have in yourself, not only for you but whoever you’re with. Keep things simple, consistent, and exciting. I won’t tell you how though, because you do you boo.

Last and most important thing is self esteem. Love and respect yourself. No matter what the situation, it will always be 100% easier if you remember that you are smart, you are beautiful, you are kind, you are important, you are worthy.  Repeat that to yourself everyday, you is kind, you is smart, you is important. (The Help ref anyone?) In no circumstance is it ever a good idea to turn to someone else for love you need to feed yourself. I can tell you I love you all you want, but it won’t mean anything to neither of us if you don’t love yourself first. (Love yourself, than chicken nuggets, than your significant other. Unless your vegan, than soy nuggets. Those are delicious.) The great thing about holding yourself in high self esteem and being assured of your worth/capabilities is you have security. It’s never wondering am I enough, it’s consistently take me as I am or leave me. Though remember to stay humble too. But that’s another post.

Anyways that thought has been on my mind since some song came on with the lyric star-crossed lover. I’m 4 hours and 10 minutes (exactly) into a 5 hour 40 minute car ride from Boston, MA to Syracuse, NY. We’re going to take a weekend trip to visit Di Xuan (my aunt) so she can make my prom dress. I have a wondrously convenient family. Hehe



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