11149414_10152852718698716_6242996373327024128_nAfter months of anticipation and waiting, my junior prom finally happened! Ahh!! It was such an amazing night and so many details that I am dying to blog out. Junior prom was held at the Hilton Hotel, a super beautiful venue, at 6pm-11pm. We had a half day for school and so when I got home, the prom prep began.

I wore false eyelashes and did a smokey purple-taupe eye. I washed my face with the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser and then moisturized with Simple Skincare Replenishing Rich Moisturizer. I primed my face with Benefit Cosmetic’s Porefessional. Then I used MAC’s Pro-Longwear Concealer in NC35 to cover any acne/hyperpigmentation. I mixed Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Seal (2 drops) with the MUFE HD Foundation in N128 for a long-wear, light-weight, full coverage foundation. I set my face with the MUFE Microfinish Powder to keep me from getting oily/shiny and it didn’t give me that horrid white ghost-cast in pictures at all. I used Victoria’s Secret’s Bronzer and Highlight duo (discontinued) to contour my face along with Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer in medium/deep to contour my nose. For my eyes, I primed with the Aqua Seal, put down a transition color, and built up gradually. For my center lid, I used shimmery lavender/white/gold colors. In the crease/outer V, I started off light with a taupe and built up to dark purple/browns and just a hint of black. I took colors from my VS Mega Makeup Kit (discontinued), NYC’s Trio Color Eye Shadow in 782 Bronzed in Brooklyn, NYC’s Individual Eyes in 943 Smokey Greens, Club CLIO Make Up Kit in No.2 Muse (some South Korean brand??). After the eyeshadow was done, I used Smashbox’s Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in Deep Purple. I curled my lashes with the Shu Uemera New Generation S Curler and popped on Revlon’s False Lashes in V25 with their adhesive (worked well). Blended my real lashes with Revlon’s falsies using Too Faced’s Better Than Sex and Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascaras. To finish the look, I used Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Blush in Peach Passion and Dior’s Dior Addict Lip Glow in Pink. Wow I didn’t realize how much crap I painted on my face till I wrote all this down…jeez…

I had my friend Autumn do my hair for me because she is a hair queen. I had a curled ponytail with two braids going back for some detail. It stayed all night, used about 15 bobby pins, and only a few spritz of hairspray. I’m so grateful for her help. It stayed all night and was great because I didn’t feel gross or sweaty or oily with my hair down

Justine ready for prom!
Justine ready for prom!

My two friends, Emma and Valentina, also came over for me to do their make-up. I gave Valentina a classic black smokey with red berry lips and Emma some light contouring. We were all so late in our schedules that my prom date arrived and I was still finishing up my hair/Valentina’s eyeliner! It was an event. I swear I’ve never snapped at Valentina so many times before (lo siento chica!). But we kicked the boys out and got into our dresses. My mom came up and started snapping pictures as we were trying to last minute stuff our phones and lip glosses into our clutch. I was already frazzled so I snapped at her even more to get out (we can take pictures downstairs!!) and she coolly responded with “I want pictures now”. K MOM. COOL.

The final look!
The final look!

Funny story about the dress I wore, we actually made it from scratch! I had originally wanted a specific dress from David’s Bridal but that ended up not working out. So I said YOLO and had my aunt and mom team up and make me my very own prom dress! I designed it, my aunt cut the fabric and sewed it together, shipped it from NY to me, and then my mom tailored it to fit me like a glove. I loved it and everyone commented on how beautiful it was and how it was sooooo me. It had an Asian flare (the collar reminisces of an áo dài) but the cheeky leg slit and lacey back was very prom-y. I love it so much, so gratuitous shout out to my aunt, Di Xuan, and Mama Nguyen for literally sewing me into my dress!

So after all the mess prep, we ended up taking photos at my house in my driveway – which wasn’t as awful as it sounds. Philippa, Emma, Justine, Valentina, Tim, and I took the cutest pictures. The girls got some solid squad photos. Though I took less photos than I thought. I’m waiting for my friends to send me the ones their parents snapped, but it was a tad cold. So much fun though! My date, Tim, and I threw that grossly stiff “typical” prom pose to the wind and took just natural photos together. They came out soooo much better. We also took some great squad (group) photos.

There were so many cameras, I don't know if we ever looked at the right one!
There were so many cameras, I don’t know if we ever looked at the right one!

(More photos will be uploaded onto my Facebook Prom album.)

Squid not Squad
Squid not Squad

Beyond that, I had the best date. It’s funny how things worked out. I originally had planned to go with someone else, but things fell through and last minute, I called up my friend Tim to come with me. You might remember Tim from a previous blog post, but we met at a math meet last year. After, we talked constantly, but never got around to hanging out until just recently. But we’re the bestest of friends, so I was super excited to get to bring him to my prom and introduce him to all my friends. Hahaha I can’t believe I made him come back from college, about 3 hours away, to go to prom with me. I’m a slightly awful friend, but I’m sure it was worth it and he had lots of fun too.

So with Timtam as my date, we headed to prom…but not without a quick detour. At my YMCA, there’s a cardboard cutout of my advisor, DaLonn. We have the best relationship, he’s been my mentor for about a year so I call him Alfred Pennyworth and he calls me Batman. During the weeks leading up to prom, I had joked that I was going to steal his cutout for prom. I ended up stopping by beforehand to grab pictures with the cutout and even DaLonn himself, so it was a quick and fun detour!

When we got to prom itself, it was such a ball. I had so much fun dancing the night away and the battle scars to prove it. (Two blisters and ultra sore shoulders/legs!) I can’t say enough how much fun it was to see everyone dressed up. I saw my teachers and grabbed the cuuuutest pictures with them and my friends. I even got my friend Damien to not only dance, but slow dance with me. Now you guys don’t know Damien, but he’s not exactly the most willing to dance. Thank goodness he has a soft spot for me and was kind enough to entertain me for a few songs. They played the most prom/high school songs but also a ton of classics (Gaye’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough anyone?). On the dance floor I lost my Justine a few times, but Philippa, Emma, Timtam, and I stayed core. It was so much fun dancing with everyone though. (Props to Valentina, Edwin, Maria, Janki, and Jake for totally killing it on the dance floor!)11149265_10152852714268716_3924531257079552687_n

When prom ended, we were all tired and exhausted, running on what little energy and high of adrenaline was left. Justine’s mom picked her and Emma up so Justine could run home and grab some sleepover essentials. Philippa couldn’t stay because she had morning practice (poor soul) for swimming. So Tim and I waited till Philippa was picked up, then started the drive home. I made him put the top down on his Corvette and it wasn’t too cold of a night. We took the long way so I could show him the Pond, the original photo location that we ended up scratching last minute. We had the top to his corvette down and Piano Man blasting. It was actually out of a movie.

So after prom, a few of us came back to my house for a massive prom party – and by massive prom party, I mean a pathetic bonfire (that took forever to start) and turning up with sparkling apple cider. We also made mac n cheese so it was a total riot. I’m sure if the parents knew about how hard we partied, they would have called the cops. Hahaha we pretty much low key’d the night and all knocked out quickly to the greatest prom night ever to be experienced.



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